Power generation
UK to close coal power stations by 2025 says energy minister
18 November 2015
The UK Conservative government is to consult on phasing out coal completely by 2025 – but only if new gas capacity is advancing fast enough
Demand for naphtha decreases as gas based chemicals increase
26 June 2015
A rapid swing in chemicals feedstock use is set to upturn refinery operations worldwide
Downstream projects suffer as Gulf spending tightened
26 February 2015
Several new developments are about to come on stream. New proposed ones will be delayed by the weak oil price
Iraq’s lingering power crisis costing $40 billion a year
22 April 2014
It will take longer than the government hopes to fix the country’s electricity problem
Iraq’s draft electricity law inadequate for task
14 April 2014
The government wants to expand power generation capacity rapidly, but proposed new legislation is inadequate for the task, say Luay Al-Khatteeb and Harry Istepanian
Kepco pioneers new smart grid business model
5 December 2013
South Korea will raise electricity prices to fund $25 billion investment in smart grids that carefully monitor the supply and demand for electricity to eliminate waste
Gas shortages force Chinese long term shale action
25 November 2013
Residential gas demand could rise up to tenfold in some cities this winter, but results from shale aren't expected until 2020
Governments need to be smarter with energy policy
17 October 2013
Power generation spend needs to double in 20 years to meet surge in electricity demand
Russia plays on Europe’s gas-cut fears
6 February 2012
Gazprom reduces gas supply to Europe amid freezing temperatures
A new reality for Gazprom amid low gas demand
25 January 2012
Hurting customers and low gas demand, mean Gazprom must accept changes to its contract terms
Chipping away at Gazprom’s contracts amid falling demand
19 January 2012
With demand in its largest market declining, Gazprom is making price concessions to its big European gas customers. Will its passion for oil-indexed prices be next to succumb, asks Kwok W Wan
Slump in gas demand forces oil-link rethink
1 December 2011
With EU gas demand and prices set to fall next year, importers want to renegotiate their long-term contracts. But Gazprom is sitting tight
Japanese utilities sweat over summer electricity demand
12 April 2011
Power saving and thermal plant shutdowns delay jump in fossil fuel demand
US: So much for the future of FutureGen
1 September 2010
THE government has pulled the plug on development of a high-tech, experimental power plant that promised to be the answer to the US' quest for clean-burning, affordable, coal-based electricity
Saudi Arabian power-sector expansion burns up crude
29 July 2010
SAUDI Arabia is consuming increasing amounts of crude oil in the power sector, burdening the country with an inefficient method of electricity generation
The greening of coal
25 November 2007
Drax Power must continue to provide reliable baseload electricity for the UK while reducing its environmental impact. Chief executive Dorothy Thompson says it is making progress. Interview by Tom Nicholls