Power generation
Chipping away at Gazprom’s contracts amid falling demand
19 January 2012
With demand in its largest market declining, Gazprom is making price concessions to its big European gas customers. Will its passion for oil-indexed prices be next to succumb, asks Kwok W Wan
Slump in gas demand forces oil-link rethink
1 December 2011
With EU gas demand and prices set to fall next year, importers want to renegotiate their long-term contracts. But Gazprom is sitting tight
Japanese utilities sweat over summer electricity demand
12 April 2011
Power saving and thermal plant shutdowns delay jump in fossil fuel demand
US: So much for the future of FutureGen
1 September 2010
THE government has pulled the plug on development of a high-tech, experimental power plant that promised to be the answer to the US' quest for clean-burning, affordable, coal-based electricity
Saudi Arabian power-sector expansion burns up crude
29 July 2010
SAUDI Arabia is consuming increasing amounts of crude oil in the power sector, burdening the country with an inefficient method of electricity generation
The greening of coal
25 November 2007
Drax Power must continue to provide reliable baseload electricity for the UK while reducing its environmental impact. Chief executive Dorothy Thompson says it is making progress. Interview by Tom Nicholls
Lighting up a continent
20 September 2007
Investors are returning to Africa's power sector, but securing financing remains problematic, writes Martin Clark
Coal-fired plants of the future
1 August 2007
At least 20 IGCC plants have been proposed in the US and that figure could continue to grow as the technology advances and as state and federal governments establish measures aimed at curbing CO2 emissions, writes Anne Feltus
The future's blackouts
1 May 2007
Southeast Europe faces a power shortage until 2012, when new generating capacity is due to enter service. Until then, prices will almost certainly rise, threatening the economic boom that is helping to stabilise the region, NJ Watson reports
Power producers mix it up
1 January 2007
Despite concerted conservation efforts and energy-efficiency gains, electricity demand in the US continues to rise. Increased diversity in the fuel mix is essential to guarantee supply security, writes Anne Feltus