Natural gas
1 December 2006
Caspian: South Caucasus Pipeline ready
Nabucco loses its plot
1 November 2006
Russia's Gazprom remains one step ahead of the European Union's (EU) efforts to diversify its energy sources, the Nabucco pipeline could provide it.
Bear-faced cheek
1 October 2006
Whatever the real reason behind Russia's decision to cut off crude supplies to Lithuania through the Druzhba pipeline, the affair highlights the vulnerability of Central and Eastern Europe's refiners to oil supply disruptions, writes NJ Watson
Enbridge: aggressive but conservative
1 August 2006
Canada's oil and gas sector needs more infrastructure. Enbridge wants to supply it. Derek Brower talks to the company's chief executive, Patrick Daniel
Ringing Europe with gas lines
1 January 2006
Gazprom is planning to open up new export routes to northern and southern Europe that will eventually ring the continent with pipelines. Foreign majors are being lured into high cost, technically demanding pipeline projects with the promise of access to Russian gasfields and security of gas supply, writes Isabel Gorst
Welding new relations
1 January 2006
Russian oil pipeline takes a tentative step forwards
29 November 2005
Despite public statements to the contrary, Russia looks set to have the eastern Siberian oil line serve China before Japan, writes NJ Watson
Backing Baku
1 October 2005
THE FIRST oil to be pumped through the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline will reach the Turkish port in October, marking a huge technological and logistical achievement for all the parties involved. But it remains unclear what effect the pipeline will have on Azerbaijan, the region and global oil markets, writes NJ Watson.
BTC spurs co-operation
1 July 2005
Completion of a new oil pipeline linking Baku with the Turkish Mediterranean has provided Azerbaijan with a route to western markets that will guarantee the republic a future as a Caspian export hub even after its own production enters decline, writes Isabel Gorst