Speculative oil pipelines offer alternative to Strait of Hormuz choke point
1 February 2010
Concerns about the vulnerability of the passage of oil through the Strait of Hormuz ebb and flow depending on the international mood over Iran, writes Digby Lidstone
German regulation threatens vital gas-infrastructure development
2 November 2009
Bottlenecks in Germany's pipeline system threaten gas supply security in Europe, even if Nord Stream and other big import projects go ahead, writes NJ Watson
Ukraine: EU needs no new pipelines; no dispute with Gazprom expected
7 October 2009
Ukraine is a reliable gas-trasit state, more gas pipeline capacity to Europe is not needed, says Naftogaz
GDF Suez to join Nord Stream but project still waiting for green light
1 October 2009
Nord Stream expects approval, as GDF plans to join the pipeline consortium
Gazprom stays bullish despite demand slump
1 October 2009
Gazprom's export plans will not be de-railed by weakening demand
Pipeline strengthens Sino-Burmese ties
3 August 2009
UNLIKE Western governments, which have tightened sanctions against Myanmar (Burma), China has provided growing political and economic support to the military government in Rangoon, writes Ian Lewis
Iraq seeks investment to develop its untapped gas potential
1 May 2009
With large gasfields included in Iraq's debut upstream licensing rounds, the country aims to make its mark as a gas producer and exporter, reports James Gavin
Norway: Would another pipeline help?
1 May 2009
A new gas pipeline from Norway to continental Europe is under discussion again, less than two years after the government blocked such a plan, writes Martin Quinlan
Skanled pipeline's ups and downs
1 May 2009
The plan to lay a gas pipeline from Norway to Sweden and Denmark has survived last-minute doubts by some of its backers, but commercial uncertainties remain, Martin Quinlan writes
TSGP: a trans-Saharan mirage
1 April 2009
France's Total says it wants to build another gas-export facility in Nigeria. But piping natural gas across the Sahara desert to supply Europe faces big problems, writes Derek Brower
Norway: New gas-export pipeline gets state backing
9 March 2009
Norwegian government supports planned gas-export pipeline
US: new pipes for old
1 February 2009
The US pipeline system is in need of maintenance. But inspecting and repairing pipelines is no easy task
Canadians eye lucrative Asian markets
1 February 2009
Asia is back on the radar screen of Canadian pipeline firms, as oil and gas producers look beyond their traditional US export markets. Companies are concerned that planned environmental measures from US President Barack Obama's administration will restrict the flow of oil-sands-derived crude to the US
Alaska gas plans advance
1 December 2008
Competition to construct a pipeline to deliver gas from the Arctic to US markets is intensifying
Nord Stream inches closer
1 November 2008
Gazprom's plan to supply Europe with two new pipelines has received an unlikely boost from the EU. But opposition is still strong, writes Derek Brower