Russia piles gas pressure on Ukraine
15 September 2011
Both the EU and Russia have the same objective, to ensure gas supply to Europe. But both are approaching their goals in very different ways
EU starts trans-Caspian gas pipeline talks
12 September 2011
The EU has started talks with Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to build a Caspian subsea gas pipeline as it seeks to boost central Asian exports to Europe
Iraq eyes EU gas exports through Turkey
8 September 2011
Iraq wants to export gas found in the blocks on offer in its fourth licensing round to Europe by pipeline through Turkey and as liquefied natural gas (LNG)
South Sudan eyes Kenya export pipeline link
2 September 2011
The pipeline link would provide an alternative to the transit fee currently paid by South Sudan
Supply fear sparked Romania pipe switch, according to US cable
26 August 2011
The US diplomatic cable reported that the switch was prompted by Romania losing faith in the Nabucco pipeline
Shell quits Canadian Arctic gas pipeline project
27 July 2011
Supermajor’s long-term vision just not long enough for a gas-pipeline project almost 50 years in the making
South Sudan plots oil pipeline to Kenya
6 July 2011
A new oil pipeline from South Sudan to Kenya would solidify its the country’s independence from the north, said a government minister in Juba today
First Nord Stream pipeline complete
19 May 2011
Russia’s first direct gas link to the EU is in place, promising to meet around 10% of the bloc’s gas demand from next year
Pipeline impasse threatens Alberta's oil sands
31 March 2011
The future of Alberta's oil sands hinges on two planned pipelines, but opposition is vocal and very influential
Canada presses Obama on Keystone XL
24 February 2011
Barack Obama is showing uncharacteristic reticence when it comes to TransCanada's plans to build a direct pipeline link from Alberta's oil sands to the Texas Gulf coast
Make your mind up time for Azerbaijan pipeline
24 February 2011
D-day looms as pipeline suitors jostle for Shah Deniz riches
Nabucco pipeline project has one last chance after supply deal
27 January 2011
Azerbaijan has committed large gas volumes to Europe, providing the EU-backed Nabucco pipeline project with, perhaps, one last chance
Medgaz: Long history, long delay
28 October 2010
Medgaz has been driven more by the visions of the two governments than by an immediate commercial need
Algeria losing ground in gas
28 October 2010
During a decade in which world trade in gas expanded by 81%, Algeria's exports declined by 11%
US opposition threatens oil-sands growth: Liepert
28 October 2010
Opposition to Canadian export pipelines could deter oil-sands investment, compromising US energy security. Alberta energy minister Ron Liepert talks to Derek Brower
Northern Gateway to Asia on the rocks again
28 October 2010
Plans for an energy bridge to Asia from Canada's oil sands are looking shaky, writes Gary Park
Gazprom's slow boat to China as gas-supply agreement moves forward
28 October 2010
A gas-supply agreement between Russia and China is advancing. But Gazprom may already have missed its chance to meet soaring Chinese gas demand
Nord Stream advances with investor confidence
30 September 2010
Nord Stream plans to raise €2.5bn ($3.3bn) by the end of the year and has already been approached by several banks, although it has yet to send out tender documents, writes Tom Nicholls
Nabucco: One step forward, one step back
30 September 2010
The tussle between the EU and Russia over control of piped natural gas supplies to Europe is reaching a head. In early September, the EU-backed Nabucco gas-pipeline project received a boost from international lenders; but a few days earlier, Russia moved to secure for itself gas supplies crucial to Nabucco's viability
Enbridge oil leak seeps into debate about Canada's exports to the US
1 September 2010
An oil spill on an Enbridge pipeline in Michigan has undermined notions that Canadian oil imports provide a safer alternative to domestic US drilling, writes Derek Brower
Russia has trumped Nabucco for Central Asian gas
1 September 2010
Last year Russia improved the gas-pricing scheme under which it buys Central Asian gas. It's a move that now seems to have rung the death knell for the Nabucco pipeline, says Andrey Konoplyanik*
E.On Ruhrgas takes stake in TAP
2 June 2010
The German firm says the investment will strengthen its position as an energy supplier in Italy, where it is the fourth-largest power producer and third largest gas supplier
Unconventional-gas development drives US pipeline construction boom
4 May 2010
Development of the US' unconventional gas resources will require a significant expansion of pipeline infrastructure. Midstream companies are stepping up to the plate, writes Anne Feltus
Argentina turns to Bolivia for gas
4 May 2010
With Argentine gas production falling and the country increasingly reliant on spot LNG cargoes the government has turned to Bolivia to secure its long-term gas-supply requirements, reports Robert Olson
Gazprom's Nord Stream gas pipeline becomes a reality
4 May 2010
APRIL'S PLANE crash – killing the Polish president, his wife and 86 other dignitaries in Russia – has overshadowed Russian-Polish relations. Yet a few days earlier the two countries had made a breakthrough in their energy relations, which have rarely been good
US gas-pipeline earnings examined
6 April 2010
More interstate pipeline regulation could mean higher gas prices for consumers, write Lisa M Tonery, Tania S Perez and Rabeha Kamaluddin, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP