Russia still dominates European pipelines
11 September 2013
The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline is too small to make a strategic difference to European gas supplies, especially as Russian firms move to gain more control of Caspian energy exports, writes Audrey Dubois-Hebert, a researcher at Strategic Analysis
Canada sidesteps KXL with Energy East
12 August 2013
Faced with growing oil-sands production and delays to export pipelines to the US, Canada is moving ahead with a 1.1 million barrel a day (b/d) link from Alberta to the Atlantic coast
Shah Deniz gas to be transported by Trans Adriatic Pipeline
28 June 2013
The Nabucco project has failed to be chosen to transport Caspian gas to Europe
Canada looks to Venezuela's territory in the US Gulf Coast
31 May 2013
As the debate over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline has raged, one voice has been notable for its absence: Venezuela's
Canada’s key to oil-sands growth: Export routes
31 May 2013
The US is likely to approve Keystone XL. But Canada has realised that other export routes are necessary, too
Lack of pipeline threatening Canadian oil industry
31 May 2013
Canada’s oil sands need new pipelines to new markets
Keystone XL pipeline clears US State Department review
4 March 2013
US State Department has report is positive for the Keystone XL pipeline
TransCanada to build Mexican gas pipelines
6 November 2012
Mexico is pressing ahead with plans to increase the use of natural gas in its power sector
Gazprom and partners put second Nord Stream on-stream
11 October 2012
Gazprom and partners started up the second line of their dual Nord Stream gas pipeline to Europe in early-October – and edged forward with plans for third and fourth Nord Stream pipelines
Pipeline safety threatens Canadian oil-sands expansion
19 July 2012
US regulators have reported concerns over the safety of the pipelines
Nabucco West and TAP pipelines go head to head
2 July 2012
The Nabucco West Pipeline and the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline are two possible routes to carry gas to Europe
TransCanada to build Canada LNG pipeline
7 June 2012
The company will build, own and operate the LNG pipeline
US fights cyber-attacks on gas pipelines
16 May 2012
The organisations managing US gas pipelines are now on a state of high alert following news that the network’s computerised control systems have been targeted by cyber-attacks over recent months
TransCanada brings XL back to life despite speed bumps
9 May 2012
Despite what its chief executive described as “speed bumps”, the Keystone oil-sands pipeline to Texas is already an important part of TransCanada’s plans to ship 40% of Canada’s exports to the US
Pakistan confirms commitment to the TAPI pipeline
12 April 2012
Delegates to the Asia Gas Partnership Summit in New Delhi broke into applause after Pakistan confirmed its commitment to the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline
Smaller Nabucco pipeline has a fighting chance
28 March 2012
A new contender has shaken up the battle to build gas pipelines from central Asia to Europe, but has failed to land the killer blow that would knock out the much-battered Nabucco project
Unconventionals boom puts Arctic pipe plans on ice
14 March 2012
North America’s shale gas revolution has stymied plans for two multi-billion dollar pipelines to tap Alaska’s North Slope and Canada’s Mackenzie Delta
Statoil's Luva to open up Norwegian Sea gas
8 February 2012
Statoil has chosen a bold development plan for its Luva deep-water gasfield, which will see construction of a new gas-landing pipeline in northern waters and the country’s first use of a spar deep-water platform
BP takes another big step out of Canada
2 December 2011
BP is further reducing its Canadian presence with the $1.7bn sale of its natural gas liquids (NGLs) business
Nabucco prays for a miracle amid problems
25 October 2011
The project has evolved into a clumsy, expensive solution to a problem the market is already solving
Trans-Caspian gas pipeline vital to Nabucco
17 October 2011
Contentious trans-Caspian gas pipeline will be built; Shah Deniz gas will be transported through Nabucco; managing director Reinhard Mitschek talks to Kwok W Wan
Libyan gas exports from Greenstream pipeline set to flood Europe
14 October 2011
The restart of the Greenstream pipeline to Italy will flood an already oversupplied European gas market. Gas prices look set to drop
Azerbaijan-Turkey gas-deal key to Caspian supply
23 September 2011
A phased approach to opening the gas Southern Corridor to Europe will persuade Caspian producers to make their gas available, says Greece’s Depa, starting with the ITGI link
Memo to the White House: Approve Keystone XL
15 September 2011
The US must secure its energy supply, support its economy and sign up to more Canadian oil, starting with a new pipeline
Russia piles gas pressure on Ukraine
15 September 2011
Both the EU and Russia have the same objective, to ensure gas supply to Europe. But both are approaching their goals in very different ways
EU starts trans-Caspian gas pipeline talks
12 September 2011
The EU has started talks with Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan to build a Caspian subsea gas pipeline as it seeks to boost central Asian exports to Europe