Opec leads global oil production lower
23 April 2013
Troubles in Nigeria, Libya and Iraq contributed to the supply decline
Crude tumbles to nine-month lows on economic weakness
23 April 2013
Lower oil demand and seasonal maintenance at refineries has put pressure on the oil price
Oil buoyant thanks to supply risks, says IEA
12 April 2013
Prices have fallen, demand growth is sluggish and supply has rebounded in some key producing countries, but it may be too soon to declare a bear market
Oil-market sentiment is on the turn
27 March 2013
After pushing towards $120 a barrel in February, oil prices are fragile again. Macroeconomics, geopolitics, tepid demand and buoyant supplies are all beginning to weigh on Brent
Opec output bounces back as global supply increases
18 March 2013
Global oil supply inched up by 90,000 b/d in February, reaching 90.8 million b/d, as a rise in Opec crude production boosted supply
March may be a turning point as markets look fragile
5 March 2013
March has provided the turning point for market sentiment in the past. Do not be surprised if it does this year, too
Opec production hits 12-month lows
25 February 2013
Global oil production fell to 90.8 million barrels a day
China’s economic data supports crude prices
25 February 2013
Crude oil prices hit nine-month highs in early February as stronger economic data from China and seasonally cold weather boosted prices
Shale-oil output to hit 14 million b/d by 2035
19 February 2013
Global shale-oil output will see a steep rise over the next 20 years, according to a new report, writes Helen Robertson
Dips in output and prices dent majors’ results
19 February 2013
Improved refining margins prove a silver lining as big players unveil disappointing full-year figures
Plunge in NGLs prices add to US gas producers' woes
29 January 2013
North American producers have, since the collapse in Henry Hub prices, relied on higher-value liquids to offset low natural gas prices, but the hedge is ending
In Amenas attack and economic data boost crude prices
24 January 2013
Geopolitical concerns and seasonal demand bolstered crude oil prices in January
Global output falls as Opec volumes stall
24 January 2013
Global oil production fell to 91.2 million barrels a day (b/d) in December, a drop of 170,000 b/d, as output from Opec declined
The global quest for light tight oil as US production rises
3 January 2013
Forecasts for growth in US oil production and reserves have risen dramatically, thanks to light tight oil. Operators, investors, regulators and politicians are pondering light tight oil's potential and the likely implications for global oil supply and demand
Opec’s unconventional dilemma with oil prices
13 December 2012
Oepc cannot afford to let oil prices sink but it can scarcely afford to let them rise any higher. It is a conundrum for the group, which, for all the cash flowing its way now, finds itself in a tricky spot.
Opec: same quota, same secretary-general
12 December 2012
Cartel sticks to status quo, keeping production levels - and El-Badri - in place
Opec expected to roll over production ceiling
11 December 2012
Cartel likely to focus on El-Badri's successor rather than on changing output quotas
High oil prices are killing economies, says new book
10 December 2012
Jeff Rubin’s new book says high oil prices are killing economies. But his thesis is let down by some muddled thinking
Economic data supports crude prices
10 December 2012
Crude prices found support at the end of November from a surprise draw in US crude stocks, an upward revision of US GDP growth and encouraging Chinese manufacturing data
Crude production rebounds in October
10 December 2012
Global oil production rose to 90.9 million barrels a day in October
Canada and Mexico have ample breathing space in IEA
4 December 2012
IEA member rules include an obligation to have oil-stock levels at a certain point, however there seem to be loopholes
Opec production at eight-month low
4 December 2012
Reduced output, weak demand and lower Iranian exports all weighed on fundamentals
World Energy Outlook: The IEA’s winners and losers
13 November 2012
The US will overtake leading producers within the next five years, says WEO
The shifting global landscape of energy markets
12 November 2012
Increased output and soaring demand is driving change
Big oil sees profits slump as prices and production fall
8 November 2012
Major oil players saw lower oil and gas prices, coupled with lower production, eat into their third-quarter profits
Cooperation needed for any European stock release
31 October 2012
Stock release efforts designed to ease the oil price would need the cooperation of Europe’s International Energy Agency (IEA) members