Gulf Coast operators benefiting from surge in US exports
18 December 2013
Independent oil storage operators in the US are mostly experiencing difficult times but business is good on the Gulf coast
Non-Opec oil output surges along with global production
3 December 2013
Oil production reached 91.8 million b/d, according to figures by the International Energy Agency
The Middle East will dominate again, says IEA
12 November 2013
Middle East oil will dominate again when US supplies fade - unless high oil prices spur more efficiency first, writes Derek Brower
Opec crude output at two-year low as global production falls
22 October 2013
Steep falls in output from Libya and Iraq led to Opec output falling below 30m b/d
Energy sector can help steer planet’s course, says Figueres
17 October 2013
Industry has both the opportunity and responsibility to determine our future
Global coal demand to overtake oil by 2018
15 October 2013
Cost is the main driver behind steep increase, consultancy says
Petrodollars: The great global divergence
10 October 2013
Opec is losing market share as North American supplies rise and global demand remains tepid
Energy insurance market continues to soften
8 October 2013
An international reinsurance consultancy, Willis Energy, predicts there will be a softening of the market in the rest of 2013
US energy independence tempered by oil-price volatility
8 October 2013
The EIA forecasts total US crude production will reach 13.1 million barrels per day by 2019
Global oil output stalls on Libyan losses
17 September 2013
Global oil production fell by 775,000 barrels a day (b/d) in August, to 91.6 million b/d, as soaring Saudi Arabian output failed to completely offset Libyan losses
Crude slips on Syria chemical weapons deal
17 September 2013
Crude oil prices fell in mid-September as the US and Russia announced a deal had been reached to dispose of Syria’s chemical weapons by mid-2014
China set to become world’s largest oil importer
22 August 2013
US crude imports have plummeted in recent years as producers have pumped more oil out of the Bakken and Eagle Ford shales and drivers have chosen more fuel-efficient vehicles
Soaring North American oil output boosts global supply
21 August 2013
Total global oil production for the month was 91.8 million b/d in July, an increase of 785,000 b/d year-on-year
Egypt turmoil pushes Brent to four-month high
21 August 2013
Brent oil prices reached four-month highs in mid-August as civil unrest in Egypt fuelled supply disruption concerns
US gas imports tumble as shale booms
24 July 2013
Imports fall to the lowest level in more than 20 years as companies line up to export the country's shale bounty
Mexico relies on US as oil supply falls and gas demand rises
18 July 2013
As its oil production keeps falling, Mexico is turning to natural gas to diversify its energy supply and fuel economic growth. Increasingly, it is relying on booming US supplies to do the job
Global oil supply falls along with non-Opec production
3 July 2013
The global supply fell month-by-month to 91.2 million b/d in May, but remains strong year-on-year
China builds energy ties as US imports slow
27 June 2013
With growing US production, imports are slowing down in North America. China is becoming more prominent where the US is pulling back
Global gas demand rises but coal is still king
25 June 2013
An International Energy Agency report says that rising consumption and low prices will drive this boost
BG warns major gas supply challenges need to be overcome
14 June 2013
New sources of gas are poised to flood the market and depress prices. But major supply challenges need to be overcome, writes Damon Evans
US pumps up oil production volumes by 13.9%
14 June 2013
The US is leading the way in oil and gas production growth
Opec's rollover: market tweaking in the hands of Saudi Arabia
3 June 2013
Opec maintained its target ceiling, and the market barely reacted
Replay of 1986 price collapse looms warns Chatham House
3 June 2013
Chatham House warns that the price of oil is heading for a crash similar to the one in the mid-1980s, when world oil prices fell by over 50%
Birol fires stark gas warning amid coal's competitiveness
30 May 2013
IEA chief economist claims rising coal use presents 'very real threat' to fuel's golden age
Opec calm, but problems await as oil prices remain high
30 May 2013
Tomorrow's meeting looks set to be quiet, but that doesn't mean all is well for the cartel
Opec crude supply increases to 30 million b/d
28 May 2013
Figures from the IEA report suggest Opec is likely to see spare production capacity build up over the next few years