Global oil supplies inch up as Opec output rises
29 February 2012
World oil supply rose by 90,000 b/d in January, reaching 87.9 million b/d, with a jump in output from Opec more than offsetting a 200,000 b/d decline in production outside the cartel, said the IEA
WTI’s structural shift: The US has a role in global oil market
16 February 2012
Don’t write off the US, its oil benchmark, or its currency just yet. The country’s role in the global oil market, said since 2007 to be losing its significance, will be decisive again
Sowing the seeds of demand destruction
14 February 2012
With Brent trading at an 18-month high, the oil market’s bulls appear to have good reasons to celebrate. But the long-term outlook is far more troubling. A steep correction is on the cards
Oil price stays firm despite bearish US data
2 February 2012
Crude prices continue to trade in a narrow range above $110 a barrel, as bearish data from the US failed to soften oil markets
Opec output hits three-year highs
25 January 2012
Supply increased globally by 100,000 barrels a day
Oil prices fall as Hormuz threats fade
25 January 2012
Crude prices fell at the end of January, as fears of supply disruptions from Iran and Nigeria faded, although positive Chinese and US economic data supported the market
Oil price falls as supply fears evaporate
20 January 2012
Crude oil prices fell this week on evaporating fears of supply disruption from Iran and Nigeria, although the market was supported by positive Chinese and US economic data
2011: A year that defied predictions
21 December 2011
Anyone who, a year ago, said 2011 would see civil war in Libya; Muammar Qadhafi toppled and executed; revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt; a revolt in Syria; the quashing of a rebellion in Bahrain by Saudi Arabia; a new nuclear crisis; the near-collapse of the Eurozone; and a renewed pessimism in the global economy should be a candidate for some kind of Nobel prize
Repsol sows seeds for organic growth
15 December 2011
From small things, good things grow, says Antonio Brufau. Repsol’s chief discusses the strengths of not-so-big oil
Opec united as storm clouds gather
15 December 2011
The cartel has picked a good time to patch up its differences, but first-quarter 2012 could be rocky for oil markets
Oil production soars in November
15 December 2011
World oil production rose by 940,000 b/d in November, to 87.76 million b/d, largely on the back of higher output from Saudi Arabia, Libya, and some non-Opec countries, said the IEA
Oil market’s zero-sum game
9 December 2011
It’s make or break time for the oil industry and the global economy
World Petroleum Congress optimistic about oil price
5 December 2011
The oil industry doesn’t expect a sharp drop in crude prices any time soon. The mood at the World Petroleum Congress is buoyant. Doha, the Qatari capital playing host this week, is putting on a good show
Non-Opec drop behind global output dip
25 October 2011
Global oil production fell after decreased Opec output
Escaping the resource curse with transparency and accountability
20 October 2011
The resource curse is not inevitable. What’s needed is transparency and accountability, say Gavin Hayman and Giulio Carini of Global Witness*
World needs $38 trillion energy investment
18 October 2011
The world must invest $38 trillion in oil, gas and electricity infrastructure over the next 25 years to stop prices from soaring, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said today. And about half of that will need to be spent in the power sector
Opec’s El-Badri sees swift Libyan oil return
11 October 2011
Libyan oil production will hit 1 million barrels a day (b/d) in six months, and reach pre-war levels in less than 15, said Opec secretary general Abdalla El-Badri on Tuesday
Yergin’s book optimistic in a pessimistic age
11 October 2011
Daniel Yergin’s The Quest provides the comprehensive story of energy, its politics and its problems. It’s an optimistic book in a pessimistic age
LNG market to break oil-linked gas price
29 September 2011
The expanding global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market is likely to erode traditional oil-linked gas prices, if not break them completely, the Energy Charter Secretariat said on Wednesday
Crunch time for oil and the global economy
23 September 2011
Brent trading lower than recent figures, but it still looks pricey
Non-Opec drives global oil-output increase
23 September 2011
World oil production rose by nearly 1 million barrels a day (b/d), to 87 million b/d, in August, with the non-Opec countries providing 80% of the increase, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA)
Canadian energy exports tumble due to production outages
1 September 2011
Canadian energy exports - mainly to the US - suffered a sharp drop in the second quarter due to production outages from wildfires and floods, the country’s statistical agency reported Wednesday
Oil’s August ultimatum as financial optimism falls
22 August 2011
Cheaper oil may be the last stimulus available for an ailing global economy
Oil prices tumble amid equity-market carnage
22 August 2011
Crude prices slumped in early August, following a fall in global equities markets, continuing debt and recession fears, and the looming end of Muammar Qadhafi’s dictatorship in Libya
Opec boost lifts global oil output
22 August 2011
The world’s oil supply rose by 600,000 barrels a day (b/d) in July, to reach 86.55 million b/d, according to new monthly figures published by the IEA
Venezuela claims oil-reserves top spot
19 August 2011
Venezuela has toppled Saudi Arabia as holder of the world’s largest proved crude oil reserves, according to Opec