Crude production rebounds in October
10 December 2012
Global oil production rose to 90.9 million barrels a day in October
Canada and Mexico have ample breathing space in IEA
4 December 2012
IEA member rules include an obligation to have oil-stock levels at a certain point, however there seem to be loopholes
Opec production at eight-month low
4 December 2012
Reduced output, weak demand and lower Iranian exports all weighed on fundamentals
World Energy Outlook: The IEA’s winners and losers
13 November 2012
The US will overtake leading producers within the next five years, says WEO
The shifting global landscape of energy markets
12 November 2012
Increased output and soaring demand is driving change
Big oil sees profits slump as prices and production fall
8 November 2012
Major oil players saw lower oil and gas prices, coupled with lower production, eat into their third-quarter profits
Cooperation needed for any European stock release
31 October 2012
Stock release efforts designed to ease the oil price would need the cooperation of Europe’s International Energy Agency (IEA) members
Strategic stocks: Western nations have oil ready and waiting
31 October 2012
Western nations, battered by high oil prices, have ample crude oil in store should it be necessary
Iraq the makeweight in global supply, says IEA
9 October 2012
Oil-market stability hinges on rapid production growth in a country still riven by political conflict, believes the IEA
China’s slowing economy hangs over oil market
26 September 2012
Stimulus measures may yet help the country meet its high growth targets. In the meantime, the data remain distinctly bearish
Outages send global production lower
25 September 2012
Weather and protests have contributed to low global production in August
Oil prices are too high for global economy
11 September 2012
Neither a stock release nor the promise of Saudi oil is likely to break the market’s fever
The true impact of rising oil production on the US
30 August 2012
The division in oil consumption across the world is growing wider, restricting economic growth
Opec supply falls for third month in row
30 August 2012
Opec crude supply in July was estimated at 31.39 million barrels a day (b/d), around 70,000 b/d lower than in June, marking the third successive monthly decline, according to International Energy Agency (IEA) data
Oil prices rally on summer maintenance
30 August 2012
Crude prices have surged over the last couple of months as supply dipped on the back of shut-ins during the summer maintenance period
US-led IEA stock release likely in September
24 August 2012
Soaring oil prices are likely to trigger a release of strategic oil stocks by Western consumer countries as soon as early September, according to several sources
Coal makes a comeback as low costs attract suppliers
23 August 2012
Coal is making an unexpected comeback across Europe this year as persistently low carbon prices and an influx of relatively cheap coal from around the world lead power suppliers to switch from gas to coal-fired power generation
US emissions lowest in decades according to EIA
9 August 2012
Energy-related greenhouse gas emissions in the US fell 8% in the first quarter of the year, reaching a 20-year low, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA)
US Bakken tight-oil output to overtake Iraq
20 July 2012
US unconventional oil production may surpass the second and third-largest Opec members by 2020
Search for liquids pushes US gas output higher
19 July 2012
Production has risen for a sixth consecutive year, as demand also increases
Gas still bound by oil link in global markets
10 July 2012
GDF Suez’s Jean-Marie Dauger explained to Kwok W Wan why diversity is key to gas’s golden age
Non-Opec production lifts global output
10 July 2012
Global oil production rose to 91.1 million barrels a day
Volatility returns to the market as prices fluctuate
10 July 2012
Prices fell heavily in June, but then rose again as Petroleum Economist went to press
Inside the Opec oil-price bubble
14 June 2012
Cartel meets as global economy teeters on brink
Opec rides into the storm as production remains high
8 June 2012
Despite all the political and economic issues, Opec's production is at record highs
Oil market is ripe for correction as supplies rise and demand falls
24 May 2012
Supplies are rising, demand is stuttering, the Iran issue is fading, and the global economic outlook is darkening. It leaves the oil market ripe for another correction