The US natural gas glut
1 October 2009
A recent bounce in natural gas prices might prove short-lived. But the longer-term future for the US gas sector is bright, writes Derek Brower
No sign of an oil-demand recovery
3 August 2009
Oil futures rose to almost $70/b towards the end of July, as a result of renewed hope that the world economy is on the mend
Oil demand to see modest rebound in 2010
3 August 2009
GLOBAL oil demand will rise by 1.7%, or 1.4m b/d, to 85.2m b/d next year, according to the IEA
Grappling with market uncertainties
3 August 2009
Uncertainty over the global economic recovery threatens years of volatility in markets for oil and gas, says the IEA. Alex Forbes writes
Saudi Arabia gets tough on prices
1 February 2009
With both Opec and the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasting a steep fall in oil demand in 2009, Saudi Arabia is cajoling its fellow Opec producers to stick to their quotas. The kingdom has threatened to make large unilateral cuts in output if others fail to live up to their word
A year of two halves
5 January 2009
EU: Gas prices set to slump
5 January 2009
Reduced demand leads to European price slump
US projects oil price of $55/b in 2009; IEA slashes demand forecast
5 January 2009
In June 2008, it would have looked crazy and pessimistic. Now the Energy Information Administration's (EIA) forecast for oil prices in 2009 – $51 a barrel – looks optimistic
IEA to focus on energy security and climate change
1 October 2007
The International Energy Agency took a much higher profile in world energy affairs under Claude Mandil. With a new executive director, Nobuo Tanaka, at the helm, what will be the agency's priorities? Interview by Alex Forbes
Oil heads towards $70/b again
1 May 2007
Oil prices analysis
Addicted to coal and oil
1 December 2006
It's not the economy
1 August 2006
Industrialised economies have continued to grow despite evidence of weaker demand growth, while higher oil prices have failed to drag the global economy down. The traditional relationship between oil prices and macroeconomics has been transformed, reports James Gavin
Shortages and shocks await
1 August 2006
Oil markets are linked by arbitrage and the key to physical arbitrage is a spot market. With no viable spot market for gas, buyers should prepare for more price shocks and face a genuine risk of supply shortages, write Edward Osterwald, vice-president, and Phil Redman, principal, CRA International
Riding the Gulf stream
1 January 2006
The IEA has put the Middle East at the centre of its global oil production growth forecasts. But is it investing too much hope in an area rife with political risk and dubious investment regimes? Writes James Gavin
Markets: Supply dynamics on the move
1 October 2004
Spot coal prices in the Atlantic and Pacific markets have continued to rise this year, a pattern that began in 2003 and shows few signs of abating. Driven by infrastructure constraints in Australia and South Africa, and pressured by uncertainty surrounding China's future exports, supply dynamics are on the move again, writes Katherine Demopoulos