Opec looks East
28 October 2010
IF $80/b oil is a threat to the US economy, as some analysts claim, then prepare for a rocky few months. The world's dominant producers are in no mood to soften the market, even as it threatens to breach $85/b
Shell's Voser: Governments must legislate to boost gas market
30 September 2010
NATURAL gas can displace coal and slash global emissions, but governments must enact new policies to support the market, according to Shell's chief executive, Peter Voser
Opec hits middle age
30 September 2010
At 50, Opec has mellowed. But remains a formidable geopolitical force, writes Tom Nicholls
Ethical oil and Opec
30 September 2010
Power in global oil markets doesn't rest in Ottawa or Calgary, but in Riyadh and Vienna – the headquarters of Opec
Oil-price spikes don't shock any more
29 July 2010
First-hand experience with oil crises, and attempts to model them since, have shown the OIES' Chris Allsopp that high oil prices hold little danger for the world economy today. He explains to Simon Crompton
Hopes for global growth lift oil prices
1 July 2010
Crude oil futures spent the first weeks of June in recovery mode, regaining most of the value they sustained during the steady bearish run in May
Cycling along
1 July 2010
The chemicals business appears to be at the start of an up-cycle, but few are forecasting a boom, Martin Quinlan writes
A fundamental threat to oil
1 July 2010
GLOBAL oil demand will peak within six years, says an influential energy analyst. Forecasts of relentless consumption growth in China are wrong, claims Peter Tertzakian, head of Arc Financial, an energy-focused private-equity firm and an authority on global energy markets. And oil's dominance of the transportation market will be eroded by the growth of alternative energy sources
China and sovereign debt could dwarf Gulf spill's market impact
1 July 2010
The spill is not the only problem facing the oil industry
Deep trouble in deep water
3 June 2010
The long-term implications of the Gulf of Mexico's disastrous oil spill for the offshore industry could be as far-reaching as the spill itself, writes Anne Feltus
Volcanic ash and black swans
4 May 2010
Natural phenomena occasionally threaten the oil industry, but most of its problems are man-made, writes James Gavin
Downstream depression
6 April 2010
Huge Opec investment in upstream oil capacity needed, says IEA
6 April 2010
The world is cutting down on carbon emissions, but it will continue to rely heavily on Opec oil, says the IEA. Tom Nicholls reports
Unconventional gas takes centre stage
6 April 2010
Shale gas is dominating the thoughts of Western oil companies. But BP's move for Devon should remind them that oil remains the true prize. Derek Brower reports from Houston
Shale gas no magic bullet for US energy supply, says IHS Cera
6 April 2010
Shale gas is transforming the North American energy market, but the US may not be able to take advantage of all its resources, says IHS Cera
The oil world and its villains
1 February 2010
In a new book, journalist Peter Maass takes a voyage into the troubled regions of the world and finds oil corrupting almost everything it touches
The year of the oil price
4 January 2010
All being well, 2010 should be a year of relative comfort for consumers of energy, although there may be touches of pain for producers
Gas and oil prices to continue to diverge through 2010
7 October 2009
Oil and natural gas prices will continue to diverge next year and possibly beyond
Khelil: European demand potential remains huge
1 October 2009
Gas will be more competitive than other energy sources says Algeria's Chakib Khelil