IEA sees strong demand in 2014, non-OECD overtaking OECD
11 July 2013
Emerging markets will once again lead oil demand growth in 2014, with surging North American production helping to meet record consumption
Oil market projections could be too optimistic
11 July 2013
IEA and Opec projections for strong demand growth in 2014 rest on assumptions for economic growth that could prove far too optimistic
Crude prices under pressure from economic strain
3 July 2013
The lack of economic growth will limit oil demand growth, says IEA
Analysts turn bearish on oil prices amid sluggish economy
25 April 2013
Analysts are lowering their oil price forecasts for this year on expectations of ample supply, weak demand and a sluggish global economy
Energy price volatility is the new normal for market
17 January 2013
As water shortages, greater competition for resources and climate change tighten commodity markets, the old pricing certainties no longer apply
California ready for cap-and-trade scheme
26 November 2012
Uncertainty remains as state launches world's second-largest emissions trading scheme
Oil prices soften on weak global demand forecast
30 October 2012
The tug-of-war between weak demand, economic fragility and geopolitical tension in the Middle East shaped oil prices throughout October
Global gas market decades away say industry leaders
11 October 2012
The Gastech conference heard that a gas market similar to the oil market is years away
Colder winter to spur US natural gas demand, says EIA
11 October 2012
In a recent outlook, the EIA forecasts higher US demand for heating fuels
Oil companies must change or be changed, says think tank
9 October 2012
Oil companies must adapt to a changing energy industry or risk missing new business opportunities, a new report by Chatham House, a UK think tank, claims
Subsidy burden may push fuel market reform
18 September 2012
With oil prices expected to remain above $100 per barrel into 2013, the fuel subsidy burdens shouldered by many Asian governments will speed up the pace of market deregulation and could cut oil demand growth, consultancy Wood Mackenzie believes
An alarming global energy outlook from the IEA
2 December 2011
The world needs more energy, but can scarcely afford to pay for it or burn it, says the IEA's World Energy Outlook
Crude prices track debt-contagion fears
25 October 2011
Oil prices tracked global debt-contagion fears throughout October, as weak US economic data and lowered demand forecasts helped to depress prices
Testing time ahead for Opec
2 June 2011
Market woes and procedural headaches ahead as cartel meets in Vienna
Oil prices take a hammering
6 May 2011
Crude oil plunged yesterday, recording its biggest loss for two years, with an influential US job report, due out later this afternoon, likely to extend the drop
Demand destruction is on its way
31 March 2011
Which ends first: the oil market's bull run, or the global economic recovery?
Oil market is talking itself into demand destruction
27 January 2011
The oil market is talking itself into another bout of demand destruction
Oil's bulls running into inflation worries
27 January 2011
A bull run that looked set to push oil above $100/b has met resistance
2011: The year of the dragon
14 December 2010
OIL PRICES above $100 a barrel are unsustainable. But a market once again gripped with speculative fever will test this psychological barrier in 2011. A battle between bulls and bears will be one of the themes of the year
The way out of the global gas glut
14 December 2010
Efforts to resist the world's gas-supply overhang are futile. Exporters should embrace the glut and reap the long-term rewards of cheap gas, writes Derek Brower
Crude differences: The changing global energy order
14 December 2010
A new Petroleum Economist graphic shows which countries have done nicely in the high-oil-price era – and which haven't. It's a snapshot of the changing global order, explains Derek Brower
The age of cheap oil is over, says the IEA
14 December 2010
Oil prices could reach $135/b by 2035 says the IEA, as conventional output declines, while China drives rising demand, reports Helen Robertson
Crude strong as Opec predicts $100 oil
14 December 2010
Oil prices were strong in the first two weeks of December, as bullish talk from Opec ministers ahead of their meeting in Quito combined with a sharp draw on US crude stocks and more weakness in the dollar to support crude markets
US stalemate hits carbon markets
28 October 2010
Globally, carbon trading is in the doldrums, driven down by the collapse of a US initiative, writes Ian Lewis
Mideast oil reserves soar, as Iran and Iraq claim higher Opec quotas
28 October 2010
THE WORLD has more oil than previously thought
The world is on the verge of an energy break point, says Tertzakian
28 October 2010
Peter Tertzakian says the world is on the verge of an energy "break point" that will change the way we live and work. He talks to Derek Brower