Asia will be the driving force behind expansion, says PM
18 May 2015
Malaysian Prime Minister urges AOGC delegates to innovate and reform to spark more growth
Oil price may drop another $20 by the end of Q2
18 May 2015
Chairman of the Facts Global Energy consultancy revealed the figures to delegates at AOGC 2015
Lower oil prices the ‘New Normal’ say CEOs
18 May 2015
Industry experts have told the Asia Oil and Gas Conference that companies need to get used to lower oil prices
Uncertainty looms for the energy market
7 May 2015
Traders believe the market may balance by the end of 2016, but until then the future is uncertain
Further fluctuations predicted for crude prices
20 March 2015
Rig counts, demand, contango, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iran and ever-rising supplies from North America: they all point to further fluctuations in crude prices
BP sees US shale output holding steady
19 February 2015
The company's Energy Outlook 2013-35 released the predictions this week
Moody’s sees little boost for global economy from lower oil
12 February 2015
The investors service is not revising their global growth outlook, despite theories that the oil price will boost the economy
The market can't count on a Chinese rescue as prices fall
22 January 2015
The markets are desperate for some good news. The oil price has fallen further and faster than nearly anyone thought possible a couple months ago
More price drops predicted as the market is yet to recover
19 January 2015
Oil prices could take some time to bounce back - and the rout is not over yet
Oil rout will drive deals for oil companies
16 January 2015
Hugh Ebbutt, Richard Forrest, Vance Scott and Alvin See, of consultancy AT Kearney, weigh up where the action will be as the price plunge shakes up the sector
Mozambique will be transformed by gas reserves in 10 years
15 January 2015
Anadarko predicts one of the poorest countries in the world will become the world's third largest LNG exporter
China is the one to watch for energy market predictions
5 January 2015
The country is becoming more significant in the global oil markets - its future in energy is important for the industry
Bakken powers ahead with production despite low oil price
27 November 2014
Opec countries and other producers hoping that a lower oil price is going to lead to a quick fall in production from the Bakken oilfield in North Dakota, the US' most prolific shale producer, are likely to be left disappointed
Opec holds output steady amid talk of new price war
25 November 2014
The 30 million barrel a day (b/d) ceiling was retained, and prices dropped as a result of the announcement
US oil output continues to surge despite four-year low crude prices
19 November 2014
The International Energy Agency have released figures expecting US oil output to increase by 1.4m b/d this year
Asia’s energy demand set to rise by 37% by 2025
6 November 2014
The increase in demand will result in Asia’s energy imports increasing by 53%
Non-OECD Asia to drive global oil demand growth to 2040
6 November 2014
Opec World Oil Outlook 2014 forecasts total global oil demand will reach 111.1m b/d in 2040
Pressure on Opec from weak demand and rising supplies
23 October 2014
But these pressures are not for the first time. Robin Mills puts the latest crisis in context
Opec must decide between market share and oil price
23 October 2014
The legacy of Opec’s high oil-price strategy is now plain: rising supply and weakening demand growth. The group must decide whether to rescue its market share or the oil price
Glimmer of hope amid the falling oil price gloom
22 October 2014
Lower oil prices will be tough for the industry, but good for the global growth and demand
Growing risks in the European energy market
25 September 2014
Richard Power, head of energy disputes at law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner looks at the key causes of disruption to the fast-changing European energy market, and the legal risks involved
Crude prices have fallen 15% in three months
24 September 2014
Lower oil demand growth and higher production rates have pushed the oil price down
Global oil demand to rise on non-OECD growth
14 July 2014
The IEA says demand growth will rise by 1.4 million barrels per day
IEA warns of looming energy investment shortfall
4 June 2014
A looming energy investment shortfall risks derailing carbon-reduction targets the International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned
The next decade to hold greater international flows of gas
29 May 2014
Manas Satapathy, Nuri Demirdoven, Al Escher, and Muqsit Ashraf, of SBC, take a look at global gas markets over the next decade
Brent stays balanced in face of mixed demand picture
16 May 2014
The Brent crude market will remain balanced this year as growth in non-Opec supply will increase at a similar pace to global demand growth, industry leaders said