Five things to bear in mind about the Doha freeze talks
6 April 2016
Qatar will host another oil-producer meeting on 17 April. But its success is in the balance
Missing barrels and data revisions
6 April 2016
The International Energy Agency has changed its view of the oil market. What’s going on?
Doha delusions
30 March 2016
Unless the freeze becomes cuts its significance is minimal and efforts to keep talking up the market could backfire
Oil-market forecasting: A thankless task
24 February 2016
Supply and demand are behaving in ways the IEA did not previously expect
History not on the side of any Opec-Russia deal
16 February 2016
Why Saudi Arabia can’t really trust the Kremlin to cut supply
Bottoming out: the fragile recovery of the oil market
10 February 2016
The good news is that the fundamentals should start to improve. But speculation abounds that oil could get caught in the wider market downdraft
Is Chinese oil demand starting to crack?
21 January 2016
Signs of weakness abound. But the country's robust consumption of gasoline remains a wildcard for the market
Absence of consensus underlines Brent Q1 price forecasts
13 January 2016
Oil-market analysts have forecast a $25 a barrel range in average Brent prices in the first three months of 2016. But all agree that the global crude benchmark will rise by at least $5/b by the end of the year
Political troubles to dictate 2016 oil markets
9 December 2015
Supply and demand has ruled the market since mid-2014, but politics are about to take over again
Opec suffers internal division as the market slumps
9 December 2015
Venezuela calls to cut supply and hike prices, but Saudi Arabia is sticking with its plan
Tight oil output expected to decline in 2016
3 December 2015
Unless change happens soon, low oil prices will continue to overwhelm tight oil producers, writes Justin Jacobs
Lloyd's Register: Lower prices force change
3 December 2015
Today's low prices must result in long-term improvements to the way the energy industry does business
Opec to stick with no cuts policy in Vienna
30 November 2015
Opec is likely to sit on its hands this week in Vienna, hoping the market vindicates its policy in 2016
Will the oil price recover in 2016?
26 November 2015
In the first in a series of webcasts, Petroleum Economist discusses the state of oil markets in 2016
12 predictions for 2016 from the brightest minds in energy
24 November 2015
Energy leaders set tone for 2016 in industry-defining publication
Can producers adapt and collaborate in order to grow?
30 September 2015
Stakeholders are calling for a radical change of behaviour in order to achieve an outcome that's beneficial for all
Gazprom held auctions for winter gas delivery
22 September 2015
Only a third of the total on offer went, but it was a significant move for the Russian company
'The oil price will rise again', says IOGP chief
17 September 2015
Executive director of the IOGP, Michael Engell-Jensen, talks about what's next for the energy industry
Demand spurt as oil prices tumble 25%
13 August 2015
Crude prices fell in July and August, but forecasts show demand will be stronger than anticipated
Oil and gas investors need to weigh investment options
11 August 2015
Producers and investors could be sitting on billions of dollars of unspent funding because of the current industry downturn
IEA cuts global gas demand growth forecast for Asia
18 June 2015
The International Energy Agency has taken the step after surprisingly weak Asian markets
Integrated Big Oil model proves its worth
11 June 2015
Wall Street challenged the model, but Big Oil has proven the methods might just help withstand the downturn
Industry must hold its nerve
26 May 2015
The sector has yet to fully find its feet following the collapse of oil’s latest bull run.
Optimism amid the downturn at Asia conference
21 May 2015
Pessimism over the oil price reigned at this year’s Asia Oil and Gas conference, in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, but some argued that the downturn could yield benefits for the industry
It’s time to innovate and evolve says McCallum
18 May 2015
James McCallum, chief executive at energy services company LR Senergy, a part of Lloyd’s Register Group, believes this is a defining moment for the energy industry. He tells Petroleum Economist why
AOGC delegates seek debate on industry’s future
18 May 2015
Optimistic views were heard at the conference amid uncertain times