Surprises await
1 February 2004
Predicting the short-term future of energy markets is impossible, but, by recognising the issues that will shape the future, plans can be made now to ensure a healthy industry in 30 years time. By Claude Mandil, executive director, International Energy Agency
Another fine mess
1 August 2003
Venezuelan oil production is recovering, but at a cost, claims a new report. Short-term gains could result in long-term pain, as inadequate maintenance, insufficient investment and reservoir damage erode output capacity. Tom Nicholls reports
Iraq threat to market
1 August 2002
Gently does it
1 June 2002
No pain, no gain
1 January 2002
Data management is the key to success
1 May 2000
Capturing, storing, organising and manipulating market data are key activities for energy companies worldwide and, as markets evolve, data sources increase and technology advances, good data management will continue to improve a company’s performance, writes Sarah Pedley, marketing director of the Saladin unit of FAME
Price may not matter
1 February 2000
No inflation fear
1 January 2000
Opec holds key
1 January 2000