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AOGC delegates seek debate on industry’s future

Optimistic views were heard at the conference amid uncertain times

At a time when the energy sector is going through uncertain times, the Asian Oil & Gas Conference (AOGC) is providing an ideal forum for an industry which, while planning for a buoyant future, is seeking to achieve more with constrained financial resources, according to delegates arriving at the KLCC on Sunday.

The mood was underpinned by the belief that the energy sector has a strong future, but requires long-term investment decisions and strong leadership if it is to prosper.

“The conference presents an excellent opportunity to hear keynote speeches from the people at the top of the leading companies, because we need to know their views on how we need to go forward from here,” says Mazlan Tamyis, head of one of Petronas’ production divisions. “Whereas there was a big focus on technology at recent Asian Oil & Gas Conferences, this time it’s all about how we need to adjust to the new realities that the industry faces,” he adds.

For others, AOGC provides the perfect opportunity to raise their profiles in one of the most important regions in the world for the industry. 

“We are expanding our activities to do far more in Asia, and the only way to really get to know people from the region is to attend conferences like this one,” says Ruth Christie of Scottish-based SeaEnergy, an offshore energy services company that is exhibiting at AOGC. 

Mohan Balasingam, regional manager for south-east Asia at the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IchemE), agrees. “It’s a great opportunity to raise our brand awareness. We already have growing membership in Malaysia and Asia, and being here helps us to reinforce our profile still further.”

The strong regional focus of AOGC also makes the conference an invaluable resource for delegates. In particular, it provides a key contact point for Asian and Middle Eastern firms.

“AOGC is a good place for Middle Eastern firms to approach their Asian counterparts to learn more about what they can offer in the Middle East region,” says Omar Mohammed Al-Haiqi of Petronas’ Operation Readiness Strategy and Assurance division. 

The message from delegates is that this is a conference providing excellent networking opportunities in the world’s most dynamic regional oil and gas market.   

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