Portugal: Surf's up
1 November 2008
An alternative index
1 October 2008
The predicted, inevitable rise of alternative energy sources has brought a new indexing service to the market to guide investors, writes NJ Watson
High hurdles for hydrogen
1 June 2008
High costs, technological hurdles and challenges from increasingly viable alternatives are clouding the prospects for hydrogen fuel cells, writes Ian Lewis
Betting on cleaning up
1 June 2008
Investment in clean energy is now around $150bn a year and is rising at a rate of 60% every 12 months. Are we watching a green bubble inflate? Alex Forbes reports
Windy, sunny Spain goes green
1 June 2008
On the back of generous subsidies, Spain has become a world leader in wind and solar power, writes Ian Lewis
German dominance threatened
1 April 2008
As Asian manufacturers increase production of solar-power cells, Germany's market dominance will be challenged, writes Ian Lewis
Hedge your bets
1 February 2008
A building like a tree, in a city like a forest
1 February 2008
Part of the solution to global warming is to develop buildings that give back to the environment – like trees. So says architect and design visionary William McDonough. Interview by Alex Forbes
Solar power's day in the sun
31 December 2007
Sunlight is free and available in large quantities, so it is little surprise that California is leading a drive to increase the amount of electricity produced by solar technologies, writes Anne Feltus
The same hymn sheet
25 November 2007
Chilling vision of global warming
25 November 2007
Our chances of successfully tackling climate change before damage to the environment becomes irreversible are worsening. So says the IEA in its most worrying World Energy Outlook ever. Alex Forbes reports
The carbon fighters
1 October 2007
To meet its ambitious emissions targets, the UK's government and its companies need innovation and guidance. The Carbon Trust says it offers both. Derek Brower reports
Two wheels good, 4WD bad
1 October 2007
The UK must show leadership in the fight against global warming and could reap a valuable economic dividend by doing so, says Tony Juniper, executive director of Friends of the Earth. Interview by Tom Nicholls
Airbag technology
1 September 2007