Hedge your bets
1 February 2008
A building like a tree, in a city like a forest
1 February 2008
Part of the solution to global warming is to develop buildings that give back to the environment – like trees. So says architect and design visionary William McDonough. Interview by Alex Forbes
Solar power's day in the sun
31 December 2007
Sunlight is free and available in large quantities, so it is little surprise that California is leading a drive to increase the amount of electricity produced by solar technologies, writes Anne Feltus
The same hymn sheet
25 November 2007
Chilling vision of global warming
25 November 2007
Our chances of successfully tackling climate change before damage to the environment becomes irreversible are worsening. So says the IEA in its most worrying World Energy Outlook ever. Alex Forbes reports
The carbon fighters
1 October 2007
To meet its ambitious emissions targets, the UK's government and its companies need innovation and guidance. The Carbon Trust says it offers both. Derek Brower reports
Two wheels good, 4WD bad
1 October 2007
The UK must show leadership in the fight against global warming and could reap a valuable economic dividend by doing so, says Tony Juniper, executive director of Friends of the Earth. Interview by Tom Nicholls
Airbag technology
1 September 2007
Investors sitting tight
1 August 2007
Firms with the resources to weather the downturn in the biofuels market stand to prosper in the long term, writes Ian lewis
EU producers hope for demand surge
1 July 2007
It remains uncertain how – and if – Europe will meet its biofuels targets, writes Ian Lewis
It's the climate, stupid
1 June 2007
Resigned to a global-warming apocalypse? David Jenkins, former head of technology at BP, has some words of comfort. Interview by Tom Nicholls
A green sheen
1 March 2007
Climate changes in Washington
1 March 2007
Global issues, global response
Alternative realities
1 March 2007
ExxonMobil has just begun to talk freely about climate change. BP started 10 years ago. How does the UK firm see the future of energy? Tom Nicholls talks to Tony Meggs, BP's group vice-president of technology
Greener and meaner
1 March 2007
Most foreign firms had begun to lose hope of winning any big upstream opportunities in Russia before Oleg Mitvol came on the scene. Now they are afraid of losing the deals they have, writes Isabel Gorst
Long road to biofuels
1 March 2007
The US government's target to cut gasoline use by 20% by 2012 will be hard to meet. But in the longer term, the potential for biofuels is considerable, writes Anne Feltus