Pragmatism the key to green progress
9 March 2009
Engineering a sustainable building is easy, says Max Fordham. But poor planning is preventing progress
Arra launches Obama's green revolution
9 March 2009
What provisions does the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act make for the US energy sector?
Vestas manages the winds of change
1 February 2009
The company's financial results and forecasts are positive, but falling energy prices and the global financial crisis may yet take their toll on Vestas
Wind sector set to ride out turbulence
1 February 2009
The economics of wind energy may be shakier, given falling energy prices and a tight credit environment, but the need for countries to meet tough renewable-energy targets should help the industry ride the downturn
Wind firms look to supersize turbines
1 February 2009
In a difficult investment climate for the wind sector, technological developments aimed at generating more power from turbines and reducing costs are increasingly important
US: Consortium proposes climate-protection plan
1 February 2009
A consortium of 26 corporations and five environmental groups has asked federal policymakers to enact what it terms as "a regulated economy-wide, market-driven approach to climate protection"
UK: Fledgling tidal industry on the rise
1 February 2009
The UK has some of the world's most powerful tidal conditions but only now is the tidal industry starting to make progress
Causes for optimism for nascent CCS
5 January 2009
Progress with CCS is slow, but it's still progress, say Gardiner Hill, director of CCS technology at BP, and Lewis Gillies, head of Hydrogen Energy
Unlocking the value of the world's geothermal resources
5 January 2009
Geothermal energy offers the compelling prospect of baseload power generation that operates continuously – regardless of weather conditions, and with negligible fuel costs and greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions
Power from the earth's heat
5 January 2009
With an estimated 370 GW of untapped geo-thermal resources, US authorities are encouraging their development
Tax credits brighten US' solar future
5 January 2009
The financial crisis may slow growth in the US solar sector, but investment incentives should ensure expansion continues
Inching towards Copenhagen
5 January 2009
Copenhagen meeting draws nearer but previous conventions leave considerable doubt over what will be achieved
UK: More than hot air
1 December 2008
An alternative index
1 October 2008
The predicted, inevitable rise of alternative energy sources has brought a new indexing service to the market to guide investors, writes NJ Watson
High hurdles for hydrogen
1 June 2008
High costs, technological hurdles and challenges from increasingly viable alternatives are clouding the prospects for hydrogen fuel cells, writes Ian Lewis
Betting on cleaning up
1 June 2008
Investment in clean energy is now around $150bn a year and is rising at a rate of 60% every 12 months. Are we watching a green bubble inflate? Alex Forbes reports
Windy, sunny Spain goes green
1 June 2008
On the back of generous subsidies, Spain has become a world leader in wind and solar power, writes Ian Lewis