Swell builds for wave power
4 January 2010
Wave power has still to be proved as a viable renewable energy source on a large scale. But its promise is growing, writes Ian Lewis
BP: Put a price on carbon
4 January 2010
A price on carbon is the "missing link" in the world's quest to increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions and develop alternatives to hydrocarbons, accoridng to BP's chief executive
China secures first-mover advantage in the market for renewable energy
1 December 2009
China wants to become a world leader in renewable energy technologies and is already staking its claim, writes Conal Walsh
Gas: the bridge to a low-carbon future
2 November 2009
Natural gas has an important role to play in the transition to a low-carbon economy, but it must be combined with carbon capture and storage, writes UK energy minister Lord Hunt
IEA: CO2 emissions falling, Copenhagen still crucial
1 October 2009
Global GHG emissions could fall by 3% this year, but $3 trillion still required to tackle climate change
Is there a Plan B?
1 October 2009
UK aims greener and greener
3 August 2009
The UK considers itself as a leader in the fight against climate change. A raft of new plans might put substance behind the boast. Derek Brower reports
Separating climate fact from factoid
9 July 2009
Only colossal changes in the energy industry will stop global warming. But first people need to get their facts straight, says David MacKay. Interview by Derek Brower
UK wind sector plays catch-up
9 July 2009
Government incentives have breathed a new lease of life into the UK wind sector, but is it too little too late? Ian Lewis writes
High-stakes climate poker
1 June 2009
In six months' time, diplomats from 200 countries will meet in Copenhagen to try to agree a complex global agreement on climate-change abatement. It is a tall order, writes Conal Walsh
Getting the investment-risk balance right
1 June 2009
Nations with the most attractive subsidy and policy frameworks for low-carbon assets will have the greatest success attracting investment, write Ingrid Holmes and Tony White, senior associate and senior adviser, Climate Change Capital
London Array set for start-up in 2012
1 June 2009
The UK's London Array wind farm could be producing electricity in time for the London Olympics, in 2012, following the introduction of new subsidies for offshore wind power, writes Tom Nicholls
Confidence in Iberdrola
1 May 2009
There's nothing Quixotic about Iberdrola's assault on wind power, writes Tom Nicholls
US and Canada's clean-energy alliance
1 April 2009
The threat to Canadian producers of a US ban on imports of "dirty fuel" from the oil-sands has receded, for now. But the threat of a US carbon tax remains, writes WJ Simpson
Solar producers feeling the heat
1 April 2009
The solar industry may have an assured future as part of the world's energy mix, but suppliers must weather the effects of the economic downturn if they are to share in it, writes Ian Lewis