A new fuel for enhanced oil recovery projects
24 February 2011
Solar power in enhanced oil-recovery projects holds high promise, increasing oil reserves while freeing up valuable natural gas supplies
India targets renewable energy development
28 January 2011
India could be the next hotspot for solar power developments, as it strives to boost green energy capacity to help overcome severe power constraints and cut pollution
Renewables: Mideast Gulf states' actions yet to match words
14 December 2010
Mideast Gulf states have been bold in their rhetoric on plans to tackle global warming by developing renewable energy
China's green push
28 October 2010
The Chinese may not be about to slash carbon emissions, but the country is now a world leader in renewable-energy investment, writes Ian Lewis
Chinese grid creaks under the strain
28 October 2010
China's wind-energy programme has been a victim of its own success, as over-capacity, especially in remote areas, has put pressure on the country's under-developed electricity grid, writes Ian Lewis
United Kingdom: Grand wind-power plans far from assured
1 September 2010
DOZENS of wind farms are in the pipeline and manufacturers are queuing up to build turbines in the UK, attracted by positive noises from the new coalition government and existing incentives
Abu Dhabi makes big low-carbon claims
1 September 2010
Renewable energy can deliver 7% of Abu Dhabi's electricity by 2020, the emirate claims. If the plan works, it could bring a shift in power generation across the region. Miles Lang reports
The IEA's reality check on green energy
29 July 2010
A green-energy revolution is beginning, but the world must invest in low-carbon technologies on a much bigger scale to avoid climate change, says the IEA. Tom Nicholls reports
Viable algal biofuels not imminent
1 July 2010
THE CREATION of the world's first artificial cell by a team of scientists led by Craig Venter could aid efforts to make biofuels derived from algae a commercial proposition. But developers are playing down the chances of any rapid breakthroughs
China drives global green investment
1 July 2010
Finance is still flowing in to the renewable energy sector, particularly wind power and driven by China, but the overall investment picture remains fragile, writes Ian Lewis
Power grid investment: The distribution challenge
1 July 2010
JUNE'S £3.2bn rights issue from UK-based energy firm National Grid reflects the big investments needed to modernise power grids. The distribution network must be adapted to carry power supplied from intermittent renewable sources, such as wind and solar plants, often generated in remote locations
UK: The new government's green-energy agenda
2 June 2010
RENEWABLE energy firms struggling to find both private- and public-sector funding will have perked up on news of the new UK coalition government's extensive environmental agenda
Wind-power outlook strong, as competition intensifies
4 May 2010
FUNDING has caused problems for wind-power developers and over-supply has been a problem for Chinese turbine manufacturers over the last year
Clean-tech: let battle commence
1 March 2010
The struggle for leadership in clean-energy technology pitches the ingenuity and know-how of Silicon Valley against the industrial might of China, writes Conal Walsh
Cellulosic biofuels edging closer
1 March 2010
The recession has hit the US biofuels industry, but government initiatives and rising oil prices are supporting development of next-generation cellulosic fuels, writes Ian Lewis
UK awards big offshore wind-power concessions
1 February 2010
The UK's ambitious offshore wind-power programme – the world's largest – has moved into a new phase with the selection of firms to build some 30 gigawatts (GW) of capacity by 2020. Now there just remains the small task of getting the job done
China making moves into the US' renewable energy industry
4 January 2010
The US and China have embarked on unprecedented co-operation in clean-energy technologies, writes Anne Feltus
Solar-power subsidies spur growth
4 January 2010
The growth of the German and Spanish solar industries is tailing off, but other countries are taking up the slack, writes Ian Lewis
Swell builds for wave power
4 January 2010
Wave power has still to be proved as a viable renewable energy source on a large scale. But its promise is growing, writes Ian Lewis
BP: Put a price on carbon
4 January 2010
A price on carbon is the "missing link" in the world's quest to increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions and develop alternatives to hydrocarbons, accoridng to BP's chief executive
China secures first-mover advantage in the market for renewable energy
1 December 2009
China wants to become a world leader in renewable energy technologies and is already staking its claim, writes Conal Walsh