Paris climate deal highlights long-term risk for oil and gas
12 January 2016
COP21 served as a reminder that the energy paradigm is changing, and fossil fuel producers would be wise to stay ahead of the curve
Asia still focused on coal despite low-carbon goals
19 October 2015
Asia’s burgeoning green growth not yet enough to topple king coal
UAE to invest $35bn in clean energy by 2021
8 October 2015
Energy minister's aim is to increase the share of renewable energy to 30% and to reduce that of natural gas to 70%
Governments gearing up for climate change talks in Paris
1 July 2015
June was a busy month for governments and the energy industry the world over. The run-up has now started to the year-end climate-change conference in Paris
Opec commits to 30m barrels a day target
18 June 2015
The latest target rollover means more crude is on the way
Clean energy needs $550bn investment a year to hit targets
7 April 2015
Investments in clean energy are snowballing with better and cheaper finance options available
Sustainable and clean power of the future
26 February 2015
New technologies are emerging that will transform the way we make and consume energy
Gas and renewables: partners or adversaries
26 February 2015
Oil companies and environmentalists disagree on whether the rise of gas will help or hinder the move away from fossil fuels
A major oil company will turn its back on fossil fuels
26 February 2015
A former industry advisor predicts that one of the major IOCs will take the step in the next three years
China must get greener to avert effects of climate change
26 February 2015
The country’s shift to cleaner fuels will sharply reduce its appetite for fossil fuels, says Kate Chrisman
China is leading the way in renewable energy growth
26 February 2015
Renewables’ relentless march on grid power is just getting started and there will be no stopping it
Oil price plunge challenges green energy advance
26 February 2015
The price will impact clean cars, but in the major electricity markets the effects will be small
First solar powered plane set to travel the world in March
26 February 2015
Solar Impulse 2 has been named as an exploration to prove that clean energy flight travel is possible
New power solutions needed in the Gulf after power cuts
26 February 2015
The region has managed – just – to keep on top of rapidly rising demand for electricity. But new solutions will be needed soon, says Robin Mills
Tough Paris climate change agreement still possible after Lima talks
6 January 2015
Negotiations are on track after the climate change summit in Peru
Asia will be the tipping point for energy transition to low carbon
26 November 2014
Asia’s dynamism gives it every incentive to take a pioneering role in the transition to a low-carbon energy system
Solar energy push could offset LNG demand in Thailand
13 November 2014
The country's reserves are faltering, but a new push has been made towards renewable energy
Solar to become largest source of electricity generation by 2050
1 October 2014
Solar energy could become the largest source of electricity generation by 2050 but only if world leaders set firm, long-term targets, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said
Fossil fuel divestment: the $5 trillion question
15 September 2014
Pressure is starting to build for institutional investors to cut their exposure to fossil fuel stocks. But can they find better places to park their cash and is it really at risk?
Renewable power generating capacity growing fast
2 September 2014
Over the next six years renewables are expected to account for 80% of the total new power generation
Australia's renewable energy drive in jeopardy
8 July 2014
The Liberal-National coalition’s rise has set back the country’s green push. But distributed generation still offers plenty of potential
Global gas demand slowed amid rising coal and renewable use
12 June 2014
The IEA has said the demand grew just 1.2% in 2013
Renewable sources key to cheaper energy, says Irena
10 June 2014
Irena advised the UN that making renewables 36% of total final energy consumption is affordable if policies are put in place
Think tanks encourage Caribbean to move away from fuel oil
24 April 2014
High imported diesel prices make renewable energy competitive in the Caribbean
Reports shed uncertainties over stark climate warnings
8 April 2014
The studies assess the potential damage that climate change will have
Solar should be viewed as a a complimentary fuel source
20 March 2014
Sun comes into its own as power generation sector looks for viable alternatives to fossil fuels, but it's often underestimated