Utilities ride out nuclear decommissioning fallout
1 August 2003
The management of nuclear power plant decommissioning provisions is stirring up a storm in the EU. With each member state defining its own policy, there is concern among environmental campaigners that the funds, to be set aside for the dismantling and decontamination of nuclear plants, are being channelled for uses other than their intended purpose, writes James Gavin
Nuclear may leave gap in market for gas
1 May 2003
A pick-up in the economy and scaling-back of plans to expand nuclear capacity could give the Japanese gas business a new lease of life. Promotion of gas-utilisation technologies, the development of an internal gas grid and deregulation progress may also help generate new market opportunities. Tom Nicholls reports
Nuclear dilemma
1 March 2003
Despite being one of the world’s largest industrial economies, Germany has one of the lowest per capita carbon dioxide emission rates in the EU. However, the controversial move to scrap nuclear power by 2020 has raised concerns about how easy it will be to replace – concerns that a new government report seeks to address, writes David Townsend
Life without nuclear
1 February 2002
The government has pledged to phase out nuclear power production in the country over the next 20 years – a controversial move, which means that just short of one-third of the country’s existing generating capacity must be replaced. The jury appears to be out on how the shortfall will be made up, writes David Townsend
Decommissioning costs rise
1 September 2000
Nuclear mergers emerge
1 January 2000