Baltics: fission but no fusion
1 August 2007
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia plan to invest jointly in nuclear power, but their common energy policy is unco-ordinated, writes NJ Watson
Prevention better than cure
1 March 2007
It isn't clean or safe and isn't the answer to the world's energy problems, says Helen Caldicott, a leading anti-nuclear campaigner. Interview by Derek Brower
Fission back in fashion
1 March 2007
Worries about climate change and energy security are leading a revival for nuclear energy. But is it the panacea governments are seeking? Derek Brower reports
Pushing the nuclear button
1 March 2007
Who is leading the growth in nuclear energy? And why? Derek Brower reports
Competition heats up for uranium
1 November 2006
High oil prices have fuelled a revival in the nuclear power industry and the scramble for Central Asian energy resources has broadened to include uranium, the feedstock for atomic plants
Nuclear: no easy ride
31 May 2006
Nuclear energy is growing in popularity again. But securing financial support for a notoriously capital-intensive technology is not easy, writes James Gavin
Nuclear makes US comeback
1 January 2006
The need for energy independence and fuel diversity, environmental concerns and growing public support are behind a resurgence of nuclear power in the US, writes Ellen Lask
Nuclear U-turn
1 January 2006
IT WAS hailed as a signpost to a renewables-powered future by the Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group and enthusiastically welcomed by environmentalists. But the 2003 White Paper that aimed to define a long-term strategic vision for energy policy, combining the environment, security of supply, competitiveness and social goals, now appears hopelessly outdated. Chris Webb writes
Ontario goes nuclear
29 November 2005
Unwilling to rely on fossil fuels to provide 25 GW of new electricity generating capacity over the next 15 years, the Ontario government is making nuclear power a centrepiece of its energy-supply future and establishing a lightning rod for critics, writes WJ Simpson
Reversal of fortune
1 October 2005
Forget Chernobyl
29 July 2005
Nuclear may be needed for a cleaner future
29 July 2005
The ever-increasing political focus on carbon emissions, climate change and energy efficiency is having a major effect on the shape and direction of the power sector in the UK. Wind-power capacity is growing, but nuclear generation may yet make a comeback, writes Alex Msimang, partner, Vinson & Elkins RLLP
Leopard changes its spots
1 April 2005
Nuclear energy is re-establishing its credentials, as proponents emphasise its capacity to provide baseload electricity without exacerbating global warming. Technological advances and fears over future energy supply are steeling governments to reconsider decommissioning programmes and to give the green light to new construction. James Gavin reports
Risky business
1 April 2005
The Science may make sense, but plans for new nuclear plant capacity could yet be thwarted by difficult economics. Investor caution remains the order of the day, as prohibitive capital-investment costs and hefty decommissioning expenses run into tens of billions of dollars, James Gavin writes.
A nuclear future inevitable
1 November 2004
After years of neglect by policymakers in the US, nuclear energy is back on the table as a cost-competitive, emissions-free source of power generation. But developers and industry proponents face a number of challenges, not least convincing a sceptical public, writes Ellen Lask
A new nuclear generation
1 July 2004
Another step towards the phasing-out of nuclear power plants was expected when central European countries joined the EU. However, the new members may further boost an industry that is already experiencing something of a renaissance. NJ Watson reports
Going nuclear, maybe
1 June 2004
Well documented problems in Japan's nuclear industry, including cover-ups and safety scares, could undermine the government's attempts to build greater energy security as well as threaten key environmental targets. Martin Clark reports