Dutch eye nuclear revival to reach climate goals
28 October 2020
The Netherlands is considering whether to extend the life of its ageing nuclear plant and even contemplating building new stations
Nuclear faces its own energy transition
18 June 2020
The fuel may appear to be in terminal decline, but it remains the focus of Great Power competition, suggesting it is not dead yet
Covid-19 strains French nuclear model
26 May 2020
Workplace restrictions could hasten the decline of France’s fleet of baseload generators
Czech Republic seeks a new path
17 July 2018
Political turmoil and divisions over how to reform the state-controlled utility ČEZ are creating headaches for the nuclear envoy
UK doubles down on nuclear power plans
6 June 2018
London is stepping up its talks with Hitachi over the proposed Wylfa Newydd plant
France's nuclear plans under pressure
16 April 2018
Flaws found at a flagship reactor could curb EDF’s technology export ambitions
Nuclear next for Egypt
6 September 2017
The country's expanding energy mix is aimed at ensuring steady electricity supply, thus minimising the risk of social unrest
Nuclear power in the EU has fallen out of fashion
25 May 2016
Nuclear is more prone to popularity peaks and troughs than many other energy sources, and it’s not looking good at the moment
China joins EDF in UK Hinkley Point nuclear deal
23 October 2015
The UK has admitted China into its power-generation market, allowing it to take a stake in the Hinkley Point nuclear plant
First nuclear plant to reopen in Japan after Fukushima
12 August 2015
Japan has brought back the first of its nuclear plants which were closed in the wake of the Fukushima disaster. However, analysts doubt if this will affect LNG imports
Uncertain times for nuclear after Fukushima
20 March 2014
With the rise of cheaper and safer alternatives, in addition to the Fukushima Dai'ichi disaster in 2011, is this the end of the line for nuclear power?
Nuclear industry sees post-Fukushima recovery
17 October 2013
In spite of persistent safety concerns the industry remains confident that it can return to growth
Tepco hopeful nuclear will regain place in Japan mix
15 October 2013
Chief nuclear officer tells of company’s renewed focus on safety, adds the fuel source is both desirable and cheap
UK's nuclear future at risk says parliamentary report
6 March 2013
A parliamentary report says a lack of a clear pricing system is spooking investors
Japan restarts nuclear reactor despite backlash
16 July 2012
Japan ramped up reactor three, at the Ohi nuclear power plant, to full power this week, despite huge protests and a damning government-commissioned report into the Fukushima disaster
Japan’s bitter pill as two nuclear reactors to restart
24 April 2012
The Japanese government has declared two reactors safe to restart. Now it must convince a traumatised Japanese public that nuclear remains the best route to recovery.
Taking on Tehran and the development of nuclear weapons
29 March 2012
Are sanctions really the way the way to stop Iran?
Japan’s tough nuclear question after Fukushima
21 February 2012
A year after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan’s atomic future remains in the balance
Iranian nuclear becomes threat to oil markets
16 February 2012
Iran’s nuclear ambition remains a threat to global oil markets, but not because of sanctions on its crude exports
Iran shrugs off new oil-sanctions threat
6 December 2011
New doubts have surfaced in Europe and US over plans to further target Iran’s oil industry. Saudi Arabia holds the key to any ban proposal
Japan hints at nuclear restarts after earthquake
19 October 2011
Japan is readying to restart its first nuclear reactors since March’s devastating earthquake, according the economy minister Yukio Edano
Germany's nuclear plants to shut down by 2022
31 May 2011
Other power-hungry countries unlikely to follow German reactor decision
Japanese energy dims but still burns after Fukushima
25 May 2011
What does Japan’s energy picture look like in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami?
Asia LNG climbs on Japan nuclear shut-down
11 May 2011
Spot LNG prices increased over the past week in Asia amid suspended nuclear operations
Qatargas LNG pumps up Japan volumes after nuclear shutdowns
18 April 2011
Extra LNG set to offset nuclear shutdowns
Nuclear power's down but not out after Fukushima
31 March 2011
Fission may suddenly be out of fashion. But the world cannot afford to scrap plans for advanced, new-generation reactors