Energy Transition
Green recovery to accelerate the energy transition
30 June 2020
Decarbonising the energy system must go beyond expanding the utilisation of renewable energy to include measures that tackle emissions from continued hydrocarbon production and consumption
Emissions ‘past peak’ in IEA/IMF green recovery plan
30 June 2020
The world could be put “on track for net-zero emissions by 2050” if governments implement the partnering institutions’ “build back better” post-pandemic economic recovery plan
International carbon markets update
30 June 2020
Covid-19 is having a multi-faceted impact on existing and proposed emissions trading initiatives
Hydrogen paves the way to decarbonisation
30 June 2020
While the ultimate global aim is zero-carbon green hydrogen, there is a key role for every other colour of production in the construction of a hydrogen economy
PE Live: Regulation needs to catch up with hydrogen development
24 June 2020
The rapid emergence of hydrogen as a potential major fuel and energy storage medium means regulation will need to be overhauled—and certain countries are already taking an early lead.
French hydrogen mobility project passes major milestone
21 June 2020
Public-private joint venture Zero Emission Valley has announced partners to construct green hydrogen filling network
PE Live: Stars have aligned for hydrogen economy
21 June 2020
The versatility of hydrogen, for use as a decarbonised fuel and as energy storage for renewables, is attracting unprecedented interest
PE Live: Funding for the energy transition remains robust
18 June 2020
Oil and gas companies are largely maintaining their investment in the energy transition. If they do not, there are plenty of other firms looking for opportunities
Transition slips down the Latin American energy priority list
17 June 2020
State-controlled energy companies are well placed to lead the decarbonisation vanguard but must weigh other key government priorities
PE Live: US and EU take divergent pathways to net zero
16 June 2020
The EU is pursuing a unified approach to the energy transition, while individual US states are taking the initiative on the road to a broadly similar destination
PE Live: Energy transition only mildly impacted by low oil prices
13 June 2020
While low demand and prices for oil and gas have pushed the transition down the list of priorities for many companies, the impact is likely to be only short-term
Pandemic risks slowing the energy transition
12 June 2020
Beyond the forecast of a ‘new normal’ that accelerates the move to a lower-carbon future, there is also a scenario where change is retarded
Like a bat out of hell part five: Climate policy post-Covid
12 June 2020
The fifth in a five-part series from the BRG energy and climate practice looks at how the pandemic will accelerate the energy transition, not derail it
Germany targets global green hydrogen leadership
11 June 2020
The country’s national hydrogen strategy will support green hydrogen production and its adoption across the industrial and transport sectors
European hydrogen projects make progress
10 June 2020
Pilot schemes are moving forward as ambitions for the fuel grow
Creating supply and demand to build the hydrogen economy
9 June 2020
Hydrogen technologies are rapidly improving and will become increasingly cost competitive over the next decades
EU sticks to its Green Deal guns
3 June 2020
The bloc’s latest budget revision has linked a post-Covid recovery fund to its cleaner energy vision
Chaebols may hinder Green New Deal progress
2 June 2020
South Korea’s conglomerates do not appear enthusiastic about curtailing carbon emissions, and their dominance crowds out more innovative contributors
Hydrogen may take off for industrial use
29 May 2020
Attention is moving away from transportation and energy storage towards decarbonising hard-to-abate heavy industry processes
Deep in the heart of Texas
28 May 2020
From the ashes of the collapse in oil prices comes the opportunity of the energy transition
EU to fund hydrogen as part of decarbonisation strategy
28 May 2020
European Commission proposes using EU funds to kickstart private investment in hydrogen technologies that target hard-to-abate sectors
Japan needs scale to make hydrogen imports viable
27 May 2020
The lack of capacity to generate renewable energy in the densely populated island nation means it will need to rely on imports to fulfil its multi-decade hydrogen strategy
Green drivers lead to innovation for Pavilion
18 May 2020
The Singapore LNG company's new GHG requirements could help set an industry standard
Energy storage is driving the transition
15 May 2020
Constant advancements in battery technology, supported by the adoption of electric vehicles, are facilitating the energy transition
Like a bat out of hell part one: Energy implications
12 May 2020
The first of a five-part series from the BRG energy and climate practice analyses the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy and the demand for and supply of energy
Capturing opportunity in the energy transition
11 May 2020
Oil and gas companies can continue to thrive through greater efficiency, decarbonisation and the expansion of renewables