Energy Transition
Netherlands mulls launch of world’s first hydrogen bourse
26 October 2020
Chasing its ambition to become northwest Europe’s hydrogen hub, the Netherlands wants to create a trading platform for the fuel
Romania struggles to match gas supply and demand
23 October 2020
The country may have to import additional gas to meet rising demand as domestic resource development fails to keep pace
H2 shipping approaches viability in ‘niche’ circumstances
21 October 2020
Short-haul, scheduled shipping routes will likely be first to switch to hydrogen-powered vessels
Export routes key for Mid-East hydrogen
20 October 2020
Gulf countries are making bold strides into the hydrogen sector but appear likely to target exports over domestic markets
Regulatory harmony key to EU’s maritime H2 ambitions
16 October 2020
Ad hoc national regulations threaten to stymie bloc’s hopes of weaning shipping industry off fossil fuels
Saudi-Japan hydrogen cargo may herald major trade route
15 October 2020
Saudi Arabia has big plans for hydrogen, and its recent shipment of blue ammonia to Japan looks like a sign of things to come
Dutch firm to launch hydrogen-powered barge
15 October 2020
By swapping diesel for hydrogen power, Future Proof Shipping hopes its pilot scheme will show such retrofits are technically and financially viable
Sustainability boosts energy security – WEC
9 October 2020
Boosting the sustainability of energy systems goes hand-in-hand with improving energy security and equity, according to a World Energy Council and Oliver Wyman report
Hydrogen use proliferation could cut climate benefits
7 October 2020
Government support should be targeted at the hydrogen use cases that have the greatest emissions reduction potential
Letter from Houston: OFSE gears up for the challenge
7 October 2020
The sector is transforming towards a more digital, lower-carbon energy future
Turbines of tomorrow
6 October 2020
The successful test of a hybrid turbine, with hydrogen blended into natural gas, is a significant milestone on the journey to decarbonised gas grids
BP fleshes out net-zero pledge
2 October 2020
CEO Bernard Looney and his senior team used BP Week 2020 to explain how the major plans to pivot its business and fulfil its 2050 goal
Carbon ambitions remain all at sea
1 October 2020
The shipping industry needs firm rules on how to calculate the lifecycle emissions of alternative fuels before it can start to build a low-carbon future, according to ABS
Bridging the EV infrastructure gap
1 October 2020
To keep pace with its ambitious targets for electric vehicle sales, the UK needs to invest heavily in charging infrastructure
Australia battles to become renewables superpower
1 October 2020
Initiatives to create market certainty and fix system constraints are creating an attractive investment environment
Levelised costs will settle the blue-green debate
30 September 2020
Blue hydrogen will be required to support decarbonisation while green hydrogen matures and its costs decrease
Rush to green hydrogen may be counterproductive – BP
14 September 2020
An equal amount of blue hydrogen would be preferable to diverting excessive amounts of renewable energy from grids while fossil fuels remain in the energy generation mix
Decarbonised gas key to Paris target — DNV GL report
8 September 2020
Natural gas is expected to be the dominant fossil fuel and source of emissions by 2050, so industry, governments and research institutions must work together to accelerate CCS implementation
Germany eyes DRC hydrogen project
8 September 2020
Scheme is at very early stage and depends on a long-delayed mega-dam for which funding is uncertain
EU claims central role in global H2 market
26 August 2020
The European Commission has set out a detailed import-oriented strategy to shape the development of the hydrogen economy well beyond its borders
Pandemic heralds new world order for energy
24 August 2020
Changes forced by Covid-19 may mean the global energy mix has permanently shifted in favour of lower-carbon fuels—if governments decide to support the progress, says Engie's Laurent Nery
UK risks being left behind in hydrogen rush
21 August 2020
Prominent entrepreneur calls on government to support industry before European competitors assume leading role
Saudi Arabia commits to hydrogen ‘new future’
20 August 2020
The Opec kingpin is keen to extend its oil export prowess by leveraging the world’s cheapest solar to produce green hydrogen
Frontier markets turning to geothermal energy
13 August 2020
In pursuit of alternatives to oil and gas production, certain developing countries are turning to the exploration and development of volcanically active hotspots
AI will shape the energy transition
13 August 2020
Artificial intelligence will have a wide-reaching impact on the entire energy sector and determine the speed and direction of the transition, according to Hypergiant founder and CEO Ben Lamm
Letter from Moscow: Russia reluctantly explores hydrogen
13 August 2020
If the EU, its major customer, is looking at displacing natural gas with H2, the resource-rich producer must also try to get in on the act