Energy Transition
Green drivers lead to innovation for Pavilion
18 May 2020
The Singapore LNG company's new GHG requirements could help set an industry standard
Energy storage is driving the transition
15 May 2020
Constant advancements in battery technology, supported by the adoption of electric vehicles, are facilitating the energy transition
Like a bat out of hell part one: Energy implications
12 May 2020
The first of a five-part series from the BRG energy and climate practice analyses the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy and the demand for and supply of energy
Capturing opportunity in the energy transition
11 May 2020
Oil and gas companies can continue to thrive through greater efficiency, decarbonisation and the expansion of renewables
Decarbonisation is a movement, not a moment
11 May 2020
Consumers will demand that the energy transition progresses even if it is temporarily knocked off course by Covid-19
A systemic approach to a lower carbon future
7 May 2020
Oil and gas companies should embrace the inevitable transition away from fossils and look forward to the benefits of clean power
Carbon offsets regain support
5 May 2020
The trading of carbon credits will take an increasing role in hydrocarbon supply chains over the next decade
Asset managers deliver brutal verdict on oil
30 April 2020
Oil and gas companies must rapidly adapt to declining long-term demand or they will face stark financial consequences, asset management giants warn
Should oil and gas firms target floating wind?
30 April 2020
The technical expertise of the offshore oil and gas industry makes it well-placed to diversify in the booming global market for wind generation in deep water
Climbing the carbon wall while the oil price collapses
30 April 2020
Financing the transition to a low carbon economy is being made even more difficult by the steep decline of low oil prices
Renewables projects must consider community impact
30 April 2020
Companies need to obtain legitimacy, credibility and trust before embarking on a project that will impact the lives of many people
Flexible gas is key to the energy transition
21 April 2020
The increasing volume of intermittent renewable energy on the grid means that gas peaking plants will provide an answer
Connecting net-zero energy is a huge challenge
19 April 2020
Implementing the energy transition is as much about constructing infrastructure as developing technology
BP likes to be beside the Teesside
3 April 2020
The level of investment in the Net Zero Teesside project will be instructive as to how seriously BP and other majors are taking their recent emissions pledges
Transition faces pressure from oil crash and Covid-19
31 March 2020
The energy transition faces dual challenges of an oil price crash and the coronavirus pandemic, with competitive pressure and disruptions to supply chains
Pension funds crank up transition pressure
31 March 2020
Some of the most sophisticated UK investors are pushing for a faster energy transition than even the most ambitious promises of oil and gas majors
Heathrow ruling endangers projects globally
31 March 2020
A UK court’s rejection of Heathrow Airport’s expansion policy as invalid on climate change grounds has implications for major projects globally
US majors dismiss carbon ‘beauty competition’
30 March 2020
Firms regard the ambitious climate change targets and renewables investments of their European rivals as largely cosmetic
Decarbonisation webcast: your questions answered
26 March 2020
Participants listening to yesterday’s webcast on waste heat recovery systems put their questions to an expert from Turboden
BP deal boosts Santos’ CCS ambitions
13 March 2020
Santos’ Moomba project will not suffer from the high abatement costs that are the largest obstacle to CCS adoption
Thomas Siebel: AI to transform oil and gas
5 March 2020
Silicon Valley entrepreneur is bringing artificial intelligence to the oil and gas industry
DoE’s Winberg: Tech will solve CO₂ emissions
5 March 2020
US fossil energy secretary Steven Winberg has faith that technological developments will be enough to mitigate CO₂ emissions and provide hydrocarbons with a long-term future
Is CCUS the solution?
5 March 2020
Few people dispute that CO₂ emissions must decrease. But views of CCUS range from it being the saviour of the oil and gas industry to a cynical attempt to keep hydrocarbons flowing at any cost. Either way, it is urgently needed
EU’s Green Deal threatens seismic shift
28 February 2020
Proposals to achieve net zero promise to turn bloc’s economy upside down
Birol: CCUS a ‘huge opportunity’ for industry
27 February 2020
International Energy Agency head calls on oil and gas companies to invest in non-core assets including CCUS and clean energy to maintain their social license
Asia resists calls for net-zero emissions
27 February 2020
Emissions targets have taken centre stage at oil and gas conferences. But Asia has different short-term priorities despite the potential damage climate change may cause in the developing world
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