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CSR Programme of the Year

Crab Hatchery Learning Centre Project, PTT Exploration and Production Public Company

For over three decades, PTTEP has been committed to promoting sustainable social development and environmental protection in Thailand. The company has managed over 70 socially responsible projects, from world heritage sites like Sukhothai and Ayutthaya Historical Parks to reforestation projects and scholarships for young people in operating areas.

Marine life in the Gulf of Thailand has suffered intense overfishing in recent decades. In 2013, after PTTEP developed a sea port and storage facility base in Songkhla province, the company partnered with local communities to help restore decimated marine resources and improve the income of local fishermen.

The Crab Hatchery Learning Centre project was established with the goal of raising conservation consciousness in the region. The company worked together with 200 fishermen to combine traditional knowledge with renewable technology, initially with the creation of a crab bank. In the first six months of the project, 150mn crabs were released back into the sea and now the company is targeting 300mn.

The success of the project also led to the creation of the Ban Hua Khao Crab Hatchery Learning Centre, which teaches the new innovative methods employed in Songkhla. Today, the learning centre receives around 3,000–5,000 visitors each year and offers interactive exhibitions and learning materials.

Revenues for local fishermen have grown by THB60,000 per household per year and marine ecosystems have improved greatly. Now the project is being expanded to five more communities in Songkhla and one in Pattani province. The PR generated by the programme has also been hugely beneficial to spreading the importance of marine conservation along Thailand's extensive coastline.

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