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Cleaner Energy Initiative of the Year

Tesla Gigafactory, Tesla, Inc

Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada, the world's largest lithium ion battery factory, is vast by any standard. Already exceeding 1.9 million square feet, and expanding all the time, Tesla has said the factory could end up being 10 million square feet, the largest building in the world.

The project is truly ground breaking and at the front line of the transition to sustainable energy. The factory has been designed for net zero energy consumption and yet its annual battery production rate will this year hit around 20GWh. This will make it not only the highest-volume producer of batteries globally but also higher than all other car manufacturers combined. The ambition is now to reach 35GWh by 2020.

Tesla's Gigafactory has been crucial to the growth of electric vehicles for the company. The innovations and improvements have seen battery costs plummet, vital in making electric vehicles affordable for the consumer. Production line, manufacturing and design improvements have significantly helped. Tesla is at the forefront of technological change, which enables the company to improve its products with every generation.

The Gigafactory is currently only 30% complete and will continue to improve performance across the production chain. The company has signalled with the improvements and expansions the eventual capacity could even reach the impressive figure of 105GWh.

The success of the facility has also now led to a second factory constructed in Buffalo, New York, and a third in the beginning stages in Shanghai. The company has spoken of another potential site in Europe.

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