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Chief Executive of the Year

Mohammad Ghazi Al-Mutairi, Kuwait National Petroleum Company

As a chemical engineer from Kuwait University with over 30 years of direct refining experience, Mohammad Ghazi Al-Mutairi has proven the ideal CEO to steer KNPC through a period of tough refining market conditions. Al-Mutairi, who was made CEO in 2013 and has spent over 30 years at the company, has used this experience to deliver an excellent operational performance that has been reflected in the company's recent financial results.

During his career, Al-Mutairi has played a vital leadership role in several "mega-projects", including the Clean Fuels project, ZOR (Al-Zour Refinery) and LNGI (LNG Import). He has also implemented many innovative profit improvement ideas to enhance performance, and systems to improve overall management within KNPC.

Al-Mutairi oversaw the creation and implementation of the firm's lead cost optimisation and profit improvement (CoPi) program, which helped reduced its refineries' operating costs from $6.70/b to an expected average of $6/b.

His focus on improving growth fundamentals includes the implementation of a programme designed to enhance the efficiency of operations with improved reliability and maintenance, called PRIME (plant reliability, integrity and maintenance excellence).

Al-Mutairi's focus on achieving environmental and efficiency goals has also seen state-of-the-art technology commissioned through the company's operations, including flare gas recovery facilities that have reduced CO2 emissions, also leading to savings of $4.5mn/yr. This is also exemplified by the 1.5GW capacity solar power station being implemented under his leadership at Dibdaba, which is targeted to provide 15pc of Kuwait's Oil Sector total demand for electricity by 2020.

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