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Executive of the year

Maria Sferruzza, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

In an industry where only 11% of senior executive positions are held by women, Sferruzza's tenure shows both her extensive experience and leadership skills. Appointed Vice President of BHGE in March 2017, she has transformed the company model from a customer-focused global franchise to one which is flexible enough to reach regional specific needs.

Innovation has been key to this achievement. The business has shifted from a traditional service provider to a digital enabled service partner. The introduction of smart technology has allowed on-field engineers direct communication with office-based experts.

Around a third of GE's engineers have been remotely connected to customers through smart helmets, equipped with a video camera and Bluetooth headset. Now industry knowledge can be adapted to any environment.

Training has also been digitalised under Sferruzza's leadership. Virtual reality helps train technicians quicker and better prepares them for the field. In the current world of lower-for-longer prices, efficiency and saving costs are paramount.

GE has long been committed to innovation across the oil and gas value chain. Appointing a leader who recognises these trends early and encourages their deployment and a smooth transition is vital.

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