Premier backs out
1 October 2002
Mega-mergers move over
1 March 2002
The last few years will be remembered as the age of the mega-merger for the oil industry. The list of the top players formed from the merger boom is short and comprehensive – totalling just half a dozen firms. But analysts agree that the age of super-sizing in the sector is almost at an end, writes Roger James
No end to merger trend
1 March 2002
Whatever direction it takes, industry analysts are agreed that the consolidation wave that swept across North America’s oil and gas landscape last year has yet to reach its crest. WJ Simpson analyses merger trends in the US and Canada
The end of the beginning
1 February 2002
Following a string of departures by several foreign firms from high-profile Indian power projects, there has been some concern that the country’s first steps towards power market reform have already failed. Other projects are now in doubt, but it is too early to write off the country, argues David Townsend
The Russians are coming
1 December 2000
Almost a big-boy
1 November 2000
Help from outside is needed in the new economy
1 April 2000
In an industry facing deregulation, intense merger and acquisition activity, a pressing need to reduce costs and the challenges of e-commerce in the much-heralded “new economy”, it is, perhaps, not surprising that management consultants are currently much favoured by energy companies.
Evolving in a new world
1 April 2000
US utilities are not only facing major upheaval from the current wave of deregulation, but are having to evolve in a new market where sector convergence suggests the multi-energy business will be the dominant force of the future; and all this has to embrace the new era of e-commerce.
The rush to the altar
1 March 2000
By James Crowley, Paul Spence, Glenn Rockefeller and Rich Patrick, Global Energy Practice, Andersen Consulting
Leading the merger pack
1 March 2000
Last year was the mega-year of the mega-merger for energy companies and the impact of 1999 rationalisation will be felt for many years to come. And the deal advisers appear set to continue to reap benefits as consolidation continues.
Strategic partner steps up
1 February 2000
Following the restructuring of Portugal’s oil and gas holding company, a strategic partner has emerged, but the government is still firmly in control.