Get ready for M&A
1 June 2008
Increased M&A activity can be expected in Canada, with junior E&P companies the most likely targets, writes WJ Simpson
TNK-BP's confused future
1 May 2008
BP and its Russian joint venture, TNK-BP, are feeling the heat again. It could herald the company's exit from Russia – or a new partnership with Gazprom or Rosneft. Derek Brower reports
Belgrade's dilemma
1 February 2008
Serbia is the latest country to fall under Gazprom's spell. But a new deal raises more questions than it answers, writes Derek Brower
Hostile intentions
1 October 2007
OMV wants to create a new Austro-Hungarian energy empire. Derek Brower met the company's executives in Vienna last month to find out why
State building
1 June 2007
A bumper year of mergers and acquisitions activity has been dominated by the actions of state-owned companies and by politics. Derek Brower reports
Still rich pickings for the risk averse
1 June 2007
M&A among smaller firms is still an attractive investment in the richer economies
Utilities: big Euro-deals dominate
1 June 2007
Europe's big utilities are restructuring under European Commission guidance in the face of possible Gazprom domination
The dating game
1 February 2007
With oil prices falling, the Statoil-Hydro merger could be the first of many M&A deals in oil and gas, writes James Gavin
Merger highlights seismic-sector strength
1 December 2006
Sies-mic matters.