Hostile intentions
1 October 2007
OMV wants to create a new Austro-Hungarian energy empire. Derek Brower met the company's executives in Vienna last month to find out why
State building
1 June 2007
A bumper year of mergers and acquisitions activity has been dominated by the actions of state-owned companies and by politics. Derek Brower reports
Still rich pickings for the risk averse
1 June 2007
M&A among smaller firms is still an attractive investment in the richer economies
Utilities: big Euro-deals dominate
1 June 2007
Europe's big utilities are restructuring under European Commission guidance in the face of possible Gazprom domination
The dating game
1 February 2007
With oil prices falling, the Statoil-Hydro merger could be the first of many M&A deals in oil and gas, writes James Gavin
Merger highlights seismic-sector strength
1 December 2006
Sies-mic matters.
A desperate swim upstream
1 July 2006
Poland's largest oil firm is pressing on with its long-delayed plan to turn itself into an integrated oil company less dependent on Russian crude. However, there are questions over its finances and whether it has the management ability to achieve this end, writes NJ Watson
Sales of the century
1 April 2006
The European Commission says it intends to clamp down on the large-scale mergers that are threatening to kill off competition. But few expect the wave of M&A taking place among Europe's gas and power firms to end just yet. NJ Watson reports