Petroleum Economist US midstream boom gathers pace Short-term expansion is baked in, but the new decade could pose challenges Canada's indigenous tribes consider pipeline stake Canada's native population, long marginalised from the oil and gas boom, is proposing to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline Uganda oil inches forward Uganda hopes to see its first crude oil exports by 2022 Gabon's licensing round in limbo Bidders are awaiting clarification on implementation of a new hydrocarbons code Petrobras keeps cutting The Brazilian company will need to maintain momentum to meet its ambitious divestment objectives Somalia’s first licensing round could be a tough sell The former “failed state” needs to deliver on its promises if the bidding process is to be a success Plastics recycling technologies compete in circular economy A backlash against single-use plastics is encouraging recycling into intermediate products and fuels, complicating world oil demand forecasts All change in Kuwait's energy sector Kuwaiti energy officials are hoping that the recent wholesale shake-up of senior management will herald a calmer future European gas: an industry in denial? The natural gas sector needs to be prepared for declining demand after the mid-2020s—and there are doubts that it is Big oil rises to Dutch geothermal challenge The quest for clean energy to fill the gap left by declining gas production could be tailor-made for oil firms Tankers steered back from the brink A recent spike in rates has rescued tanker owners, but the reprieve could be short-lived Sall to oversee Senegal's journey to first production West Africa's latest entrant to the hydrocarbons sector is expected to be producing oil and gas from 2022 Latest licensing rounds The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licenses Tehran left in the cold as old allies cut crude imports Recent oil sales to Asia make for troubling reading for Iran's embattled government Shipping’s surge and splurge Spot rates should stay below 2018 peaks as more newbuilds come into service Oil’s days as shipping fuel are numbered Forget the sulphur cap—shipping industry’s biggest disruption will come from carbon rules Industry optimism is on the rise, but so are costs The oil and gas sector feels better able to survive oil price volatility, DNV GL’s boss tells Petroleum Economist, as long as spending is kept under control Gas to Power Forum 2019 30 April 2019, 25 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5EY Getting more oil on the move Enterprise Products Partners looks set to maintain its leading position in the expansion of US midstream logistics over the next two years Eastern forces expand Libyan energy sector grip Warlord Khalifa Haftar has captured the country's largest oil field, putting a new question mark over the fragile oil recovery