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Perry stirs gas versus coal fight
25 October 2017
US energy secretary's subsidy plan gets a roasting
Pricing reform on Malaysian government agenda
20 June 2013
The country's costly fuel subsidies are in the spotlight as Najib Razak's government sets its policy priorities for the coming years. Damon Evans looks at the issues
Jakarta moves to cut fuel subsidies to prevent bulging deficit
3 May 2013
Against a backdrop of street protests and political wrangling, Indonesia's government is struggling to end fuel subsidies, saying a price increase is needed to arrest its expanding fiscal deficit
Canada’s energy ‘unity’ shows early fissures
27 July 2011
Just days after agreeing to promote coordinated energy policies, Canada’s bid to become a global energy superpower showed cracks when its largest province called for an end to oil-industry subsidies.
Middle East gas shortages grow
29 July 2010
The Mideast Gulf is one of the world's most gas-rich areas, yet many of the states are suffering from shortages. The situation is worsening, and is being driven by subsidies. Miles Lang reports
IEA spells out effect of subsidies
29 July 2010
A PHASE-OUT of fuel subsidies across the world between now and 2020 could cut global oil demand by as much as 2m barrels a day (b/d) by 2015 and by 5m-6m b/d in a decade's time, preliminary research by the International Energy Agency (IEA) suggests
IEA spells out effect of energy subsidies
15 July 2010
The phase-out of fuel subsidies could cut oil demand by 6m b/d by 2020, says the IEA
Indian fuel subsidies suffocating refiners
6 April 2010
Indian fuel prices must rise immediately or the country's downstream companies could face bankruptcy. But they probably won't, Yeshi Seli reports from New Delhi
India: the price isn't right
1 April 2009
Low crude prices could have allowed the Indian government to reform its domestic price-fixing regime, but political factors are likely to prevent such a change, reports James Gavin
Tide could be turning for troubled US ethanol industry
25 November 2008
Volatile corn and ethanol prices have hit industry profits, but the election of Barack Obama could bring a reversal of fortunes, writes Anne Feltus
Assailed at home, Petronas looks abroad
1 August 2008
Petronas has received some domestic flak following fuel-price rises in Malaysia, but continues its impressive international expansion, writes NJ Watson