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South Africa's offshore open for business
6 December 2017
Eager to emulate its neighbours' success, the country is striving to reinvigorate interest in its deepwater potential
Sea of possibilities
9 November 2017
Collaboration will be the key to maximising the North Sea's remaining potential
Brazil's pre-salt promise
2 November 2017
Brazil's offshore is making big strides on costs—crucial in the post-shale landscape
Wind in the US' sails
26 October 2017
Offshore wind is taking off in America, offering growth opportunities for the usual renewable operators and a potential entry point for offshore oil specialists
North Sea waters start to calm
19 October 2017
Total's Maersk oil deal is unlikely to be surpassed in the region any time soon
North Sea under pressure
19 October 2017
The industry still thinks the mature province offers opportunities, but the good times may not have long to roll
Statoil's ray of North Sea sunshine
17 October 2017
The Verbier discovery is undoubtedly a welcome boost for the UK oil industry, but plenty more like it will be needed to arrest the region’s decline
How to thrive in the transition
22 September 2017
Weaker oil prices, new digital trends and the energy transition are redefining the business. State companies must be prepared
Norway's political storm warnings prove unfounded
18 September 2017
The country's election result should quell nerves in the oil and gas sector
Statoil drops leases in the US Arctic
18 November 2015
Norway’s state-controlled oil producer has followed Shell out of the high-cost, high-risk Arctic, but downplays the extent of the costs it has incurred there
Litgas and Statoil offer vessel bunkering services
18 August 2015
Teaming up with Statoil, Litgas is trying to get more usage out of its under-used floating LNG regasification terminal
Q2 results lead companies to focus on efficiencies
14 August 2015
After poor second quarter results, companies are now focused on cutting costs and improving efficiency
Statoil launches analysis of carbon outcomes
29 June 2015
The major launched its fifth annual Energy Perspectives in June to assess the scale of the carbon emission problem
More gas for Norway’s Aasta Hansteen
11 June 2015
The remote Norwegian sea discovery has been made by Statoil
Fracking making waves again
11 June 2015
The controversial drilling technology, that boosted US oil and gas production and transformed global energy markets in the process, is making waves again
Norway’s Aasta Hansteen grows by a quarter
15 April 2015
New discoveries have been made near to Statoil's development, adding additional reserves to the project
A major oil company will turn its back on fossil fuels
26 February 2015
A former industry advisor predicts that one of the major IOCs will take the step in the next three years
Statoil wins Johan Sverdrup lifetime operatorship
2 December 2014
The company was challenged by Lundin for the field in Norway
Statoil strategy unaffected by leadership change
7 November 2014
A new CEO has been named for the company, but cost cuts are unlikely to change
Statoil shuts production in Huldra after 13 years
3 September 2014
The field in the Norwegian North Sea was discovered in 1982 and has produced around 17.5 billion cubic metres (cm) of wet gas
Statoil's Tanzania discovery points to four-train LNG
25 June 2014
The discovery added up to 85bn cm to the block's reserves
Tanzania edges along the LNG road after successful test
6 March 2014
A successful production test has raised prospects for Tanzania’s planned liquefied natural gas (LNG) complex, the location of which is due to be announced shortly
Companies and governments need to join for Arctic exploration
20 February 2014
Arctic exploration is complex and expensive, meaning governments will probably have to join forces with companies to make it happen
Statoil balances state demands with shareholders interests
23 August 2013
Statoil is a model for other NOCs, neatly balancing the needs of its state controller with the urges of its private shareholders
Reserves update under wraps for Johan Sverdrup
12 February 2013
An update on the field's reserves will have to wait, but hopes remain high
Norway's Statoil development to launch new gas province
10 January 2013
Statoil has applied for a development in its Aasta Hansteen field
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