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Mexico's rainy-day fund
12 December 2017
The sovereign-wealth fund is a good idea—now it just needs some wealth to manage. The FMP’s executive coordinator spoke to Petroleum Economist
Latin America's continental contraction
5 December 2017
The region has seen a decade of surging crude consumption come to a crashing halt. Refining woes mean imports are still on the rise
Petropolitics hang over Latin America's producers
5 December 2017
Elections next year in Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil have pivoted politics to the region’s fore again. Can it break the self-destructive resource-nationalist cycle?
Growing pains ahead for Mexico's reforms
1 December 2017
Regulators have won high praise from the industry for progress to date, but the oil opening is still in its early days and fresh obstacles lie ahead
Mexico—zero to hero
9 November 2017
A string of successful auctions has set the stage for an exploration boom in Mexican waters
Latin America's hobbled oil giants
6 October 2017
Plagued by debt, low oil prices and political turmoil, times have been troubled for Latin America's state-run energy firms
Mexico's reforms start to bear fruit
2 October 2017
Mexico's energy overhaul is notching up successes after a slow start
Heavyweights lift Mexico's second oil round
21 June 2017
Drilling boom offers bright spot in otherwise bleak global oil exploration outlook
Pemex showing signs of life
14 June 2017
Austerity and higher prices have helped put the state firm back in the black. Deeper reforms are still needed
Latin America’s NOCs fall from grace
28 June 2016
The state’s heavy hand will slow recovery for the region’s state firms, hurting production and new exploration for years to come
Pemex: time for turnaround
18 May 2016
Mexico’s state oil company is in terrible shape, but is far from a lost cause
Rise of the slashers
24 March 2016
Latin America’s oil majors are turning to bankers to cut fat and mend desperate finances
Heading south
25 February 2016
Outside Brazil, Latin American output is on its way down
Debts threaten Latin America’s state oil companies
3 February 2016
Petrobras, PdV and Pemex facing mounting financial pressures. Expect deep spending cuts
Shell cautious on Mexico's oil reforms
21 October 2015
Oil major Shell hasn’t been won over by Mexico’s oil reforms yet, with much public sector work to be done
Pemex to upgrade creaky infrastructure in $900m deal
24 April 2015
The deal will work on a natural gas pipeline project to expand the company's infrastructure
Pemex under pressure to keep up
24 April 2015
The state company, long a symbol of Mexican energy independence, must reverse years of decline if the country’s reforms are to work
Managing risk key to unlocking Mexico's energy riches
17 October 2014
Foreign investors are eager to enter the country's newly liberalised energy sector - but they should be wary of red tape, holes in the supply chain for unconventional extraction and short-term shortages in skilled staff
Mexico’s energy reforms to open oil industry race ahead
18 August 2014
President Enrique Peña Nieto signed the reform legislation on 11 August and has since outlined an ambitious path for the industry
Latin American shale gas on the backburner
9 January 2014
The continent’s large unconventional reserves have yet to yield any significant production
New era for Pemex as government wants foreign investment
23 August 2013
The government wants foreigners back in the upstream. What will the reform mean for Pemex?
Mexico moves on energy reforms to reverse declines
1 July 2013
But questions remain over whether the major changes needed to reverse declines in the oil and gas sector will be able to pass. Justin Jacobs looks at the challenges that lie ahead
Mexico looks for closer gas ties with US
26 September 2012
Despite reluctance to open its oil sector to foreign investors, Mexico is seeking to expand unconventional natural gas cooperation with the US, including investment in exploration, production and pipelines
Mexico at the crossroads as calls for reforms grow louder
30 August 2012
Reforms are vital if the country’s is to reverse its declining oil and gas profile – and unlock potentially vast unconventional resources. Justin Jacobs reports on how the politics are shaping up
Pemex eyeing shale round in late 2013
5 July 2012
Mexico’s Pemex is hoping to launch a shale-gas exploration tender in late 2013 in a bid to attract foreign investors to help it tap the country’s potentially large unconventional oil and gas resources
Gulf of Mexico investment opportunities for UK firms
17 November 2011
UK oil and gas companies would do well to keep the Gulf of Mexico on their radar as Pemex opens the door to foreign investment
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