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Oil prices soften on weak global demand forecast
30 October 2012
The tug-of-war between weak demand, economic fragility and geopolitical tension in the Middle East shaped oil prices throughout October
Oil prices rally on US Federal Reserve's QE3 programme
25 September 2012
The bond-buying programme is a bid to jump start US economic growth
Outages send global production lower
25 September 2012
Weather and protests have contributed to low global production in August
Subsidy burden may push fuel market reform
18 September 2012
With oil prices expected to remain above $100 per barrel into 2013, the fuel subsidy burdens shouldered by many Asian governments will speed up the pace of market deregulation and could cut oil demand growth, consultancy Wood Mackenzie believes
Oil prices are too high for global economy
11 September 2012
Neither a stock release nor the promise of Saudi oil is likely to break the market’s fever
Opec supply falls for third month in row
30 August 2012
Opec crude supply in July was estimated at 31.39 million barrels a day (b/d), around 70,000 b/d lower than in June, marking the third successive monthly decline, according to International Energy Agency (IEA) data
Oil prices rally on summer maintenance
30 August 2012
Crude prices have surged over the last couple of months as supply dipped on the back of shut-ins during the summer maintenance period
Non-Opec production lifts global output
10 July 2012
Global oil production rose to 91.1 million barrels a day
Volatility returns to the market as prices fluctuate
10 July 2012
Prices fell heavily in June, but then rose again as Petroleum Economist went to press
Opec rides into the storm as production remains high
8 June 2012
Despite all the political and economic issues, Opec's production is at record highs
Gloomy economic outlook weighs on oil
24 May 2012
Global crude prices fell in May due to gloomy outlooks for European and Chinese economies and signs that Iran may allow nuclear inspectors into the country, lifting concern of Middle East conflict disrupting supply
Keep the global supplies flowing, says minister
24 May 2012
As Opec delegates prepare to meet in Vienna, they would be wise to listen to Ali Naimi. Keeping supplies flowing is not just in the cartel's best interests, it is the best course of action for the global economy
Opec supply lifts global oil output
24 May 2012
Global supply rose to 91million barrels a day in April
Servicing the oil boom as exploration and production surges
24 May 2012
Services companies are looking ahead to a bumper year, as exploration and production in the oil sector surges and the slump in North America’s gas industry opens up a wealth of opportunity
Non-Opec outages push global output down
28 March 2012
Global oil production slipped by 200,000 barrels to 90.4 million barrels a day (b/d) in February, as rising Opec output failed to offset losses outside the group
Global oil supplies inch up as Opec output rises
29 February 2012
World oil supply rose by 90,000 b/d in January, reaching 87.9 million b/d, with a jump in output from Opec more than offsetting a 200,000 b/d decline in production outside the cartel, said the IEA
Oil price stays firm despite bearish US data
2 February 2012
Crude prices continue to trade in a narrow range above $110 a barrel, as bearish data from the US failed to soften oil markets
Opec output hits three-year highs
25 January 2012
Supply increased globally by 100,000 barrels a day
Oil prices fall as Hormuz threats fade
25 January 2012
Crude prices fell at the end of January, as fears of supply disruptions from Iran and Nigeria faded, although positive Chinese and US economic data supported the market
2011: A year that defied predictions
21 December 2011
Anyone who, a year ago, said 2011 would see civil war in Libya; Muammar Qadhafi toppled and executed; revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt; a revolt in Syria; the quashing of a rebellion in Bahrain by Saudi Arabia; a new nuclear crisis; the near-collapse of the Eurozone; and a renewed pessimism in the global economy should be a candidate for some kind of Nobel prize
Iran sanctions threat gives oil price support
15 December 2011
Proposals from the EU and US to impose new sanctions targeting Iran’s oil exports are sustaining oil prices, despite growing worries about demand and the health of the world economy
Opec united as storm clouds gather
15 December 2011
The cartel has picked a good time to patch up its differences, but first-quarter 2012 could be rocky for oil markets
Oil production soars in November
15 December 2011
World oil production rose by 940,000 b/d in November, to 87.76 million b/d, largely on the back of higher output from Saudi Arabia, Libya, and some non-Opec countries, said the IEA
ARA oil-storage business takes a hit as conditions become difficult
7 December 2011
Although flows of oil through the big ARA ports have shown some growth, business conditions in independent storage have become more difficult
An alarming global energy outlook from the IEA
2 December 2011
The world needs more energy, but can scarcely afford to pay for it or burn it, says the IEA's World Energy Outlook
Crude prices firm on US stock draw and Iran worries
24 November 2011
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