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New Zealand: Progress in the Pacific
11 October 2017
Ambitious targets on emissions must be met alongside economic growth
Oil price plunge challenges green energy advance
26 February 2015
The price will impact clean cars, but in the major electricity markets the effects will be small
UK fossil fuel output tumbles by over 9%
26 September 2013
The UK's total energy production fell by more than 9% in the second quarter of 2013, according to government data
Energy price volatility is the new normal for market
17 January 2013
As water shortages, greater competition for resources and climate change tighten commodity markets, the old pricing certainties no longer apply
Renewables: Financing is up but uncertainty remains
25 October 2011
Financing is flooding back into the renewable-energy sector, boosted by falling equipment prices
Framework and demand vital for gas-infrastructure investment
29 July 2011
Securing new gas-infrastructure investment – €90 billion by 2020 – is crucial if natural gas is to fulfil its role as destination fuel in a low-carbon Europe
Energy system transitioning to low carbon sources
18 July 2011
Oil and gas companies are in a prime position to capitalise as the world’s energy system continues its transition to sustainable low-carbon sources, while meeting surging demand
EU carbon market faces reform after theft
24 February 2011
IF THERE is an upside to the theft of at least €45m ($61m) of allowances that brought spot trading on the EU's carbon market to a halt, it is that the affair should bring about a more robust, rigorous system
BP: Put a price on carbon
4 January 2010
A price on carbon is the "missing link" in the world's quest to increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions and develop alternatives to hydrocarbons, accoridng to BP's chief executive
Green light for emissions trade
1 April 2005
February saw the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol and the delivery of EU emissions allowances into national registries, paving the way for the first spot trades in the CO2 market. Liz Bossley talks to some of the executive committee members of LCCS about the development of emissions trading