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Fading Canadian pipeline ambition
5 January 2018
The revival of Keystone XL and Canada's tricky pipeline politics doomed Energy East
TransCanada gets Keystone XL approval—but there’s a catch
21 November 2017
Nebraska regulators rejected the pipeline builders preferred route, but ok’d an alternative, handing the company a complicated victory
Keystone XL's first hurdle passed
10 May 2017
The challenges are not over for the pipeline which will run from Alberta to the Gulf Coast
Canada: Trump OK is not the end of the line for Keystone XL
28 March 2017
The challenges are not over for the pipeline which will run from Alberta to the Gulf Coast
Obama calls off the Keystone XL project
10 November 2015
After seven years, the Keystone XL project has been called off by President Obama, surprising few
Clinton voices opposition to the Keystone pipeline
30 September 2015
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton put energy issues front and centre on the campaign trail in September
Keystone XL conundrum after Obama veto
26 February 2015
Supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline are weighing their options following US president Barack Obama’s veto of legislation submitted to him by Congress, which would have cleared the way for the scheme to go ahead
Keystone XL uncertainty after Obama veto
25 February 2015
The President of the USA vetoed legislation brought to him by Congress that would have seen approval of the scheme
Decision time for US Keystone XL pipeline
3 February 2015
President Obama must make a decision on the TransCanada proposed pipeline
Gulf Keystone achieves key milestones as oil producer
16 January 2015
When Gulf Keystone Petroleum announced it had postponed the release of its interim statement because of “constructive discussions”, investors were hopeful
Pricey business
24 September 2014
Cost inflation has replaced market access as the biggest worry for operations in Canada's oil sands
Alberta’s oil on the cusp of new era
11 March 2014
The oil sands’ pipeline bottleneck is starting to ease. But cost inflation remains a problem
Canada’s unconventional oil: a bounty needing new outlets
3 February 2014
Hemmed in by insufficient export pipeline capacity, rising output from Alberta’s vast oil sands also faces a saturated US market
US primed to achieve net energy self-sufficiency
17 October 2013
The US looks set to achieve net energy self-sufficiency within two decades, but it could be a lot faster than that if innovation is allowed to flourish in a stable business environment, according to a panel of US politicians and business leaders
Canada sidesteps KXL with Energy East
12 August 2013
Faced with growing oil-sands production and delays to export pipelines to the US, Canada is moving ahead with a 1.1 million barrel a day (b/d) link from Alberta to the Atlantic coast
Canada’s key to oil-sands growth: Export routes
31 May 2013
The US is likely to approve Keystone XL. But Canada has realised that other export routes are necessary, too
Keystone XL pipeline clears US State Department review
4 March 2013
US State Department has report is positive for the Keystone XL pipeline
Obama sets ambitious energy agenda for his second term
29 January 2013
The US president used his inaugural address to reaffirm his commitment to tackling climate change
TransCanada brings XL back to life despite speed bumps
9 May 2012
Despite what its chief executive described as “speed bumps”, the Keystone oil-sands pipeline to Texas is already an important part of TransCanada’s plans to ship 40% of Canada’s exports to the US
Alberta election to redefine Canada’s oil ambitions
4 April 2012
Alberta heads to the polls on 23 April in an election that will help define Canada’s aspirations to become a global energy power
Keystone debate far from over
31 January 2012
TransCanada and US Republicans vow to fight on in the battle for the Keystone XL pipeline
Northern Gateway hearings heat up
18 January 2012
Plans to diversify Canada’s oil-export options with a pipeline to the BC coast face scrutiny from aboriginal groups and environmental protestors. Fortunately for the developers, they seem to be listening
Full steam ahead for thermal oil sands
8 December 2011
Investment in and production from in situ oil-sands projects are rising, but the lack of export infrastructure may yet leave Alberta ‘landlocked in bitumen’
Ethical oil revisited amid Keystone XL decision
1 December 2011
Does the US really depend on repressive nations to meet its oil consumption needs?
Canada primes pumps for oil export boom
24 November 2011
Canada’s net oil available for export will hit record levels by 2035, driven by increasing oil-sands production, says the country’s National Energy Board (NEB).
Bakken heralds first US refinery in years
24 November 2011
Dakota Oil Processing plans the construction of the first new US refinery in decades
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