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Caspian contagion risks
17 August 2017
A banking crisis is a short-term risk in a region bursting with energy developments
Caspian cuts
6 February 2017
The two producers have pledged to trim oil output but the long-awaited Kashagan project will probably boost the region's supply, not crimp it
Kazakhstan's credibility (almost) restored
7 December 2016
After repeated mishaps, Kashagan's restart could do wonders for the local energy industry's image
Caspian Sea - better late than never
22 November 2016
After much delay, a surge in Caspian Sea production in 2017 will take the oomph out of any Opec cuts
Trouble on the steppe
28 July 2016
Major new investment in Tengiz cannot mask deeper problems in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan’s brewing crisis
28 June 2016
Violence in the country’s energy patch and haziness about who will be replacing its ageing dictator are exacerbating the pain of the oil-price collapse
Flatlining in the FSU
25 February 2016
The region’s three big producers will have a mixed 2016. Russian output will hold steady, while Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan see small declines
Low oil prices ruin Kazakhstan’s energy hopes
20 October 2015
The country has come a long way, materially, since the Soviet days, thanks to its long-established president. But like many other oil-dependent states, its immediate future is looking less certain
Kazakhstan is the second worst country for investors, says Yergin
8 October 2015
Award winning author of The Prize, Daniel Yergin, says Kazakhstan needs to change what they're offering to secure investments
Central Asian gas increasingly reliant on Chinese market
30 June 2015
Central Asian gas exports are challenged by reduced Russian demand and a growing reliance on the Chinese market - just as the latter’s demand growth begins to falter
Problems for Kazakhstan at the country's biggest field
11 December 2014
Kazakhstan’s biggest field has been an expensive flop. It is a problem for the country. Can Kashagan recover?
Kazakhstan tries to revive its flagging upstream
11 December 2014
Slower economic growth and an array of problems in the oil sector are prompting the government to make changes
Ukraine crisis threatens Moscow's relations with Astana
11 December 2014
With its own sizeable ethnic Russian minority, Kazakhstan has watched the Kremlin's meddling in east Ukraine with a growing sense of dread
KazTransGas to tap Kazakhstan CBM
5 March 2014
Kazakhstan’s state-run gas pipeline monopoly KazTransGas has reached a deal with local government to explore the country’s coal-bed methane (CBM) reserves
Unconventional oil explained DUPLICATE 3307780
11 February 2014
Kerogen oil, oil shale, shale oil, oil sands, tight oil: what is the difference?
Kazakhstan eyes shale potential
15 March 2012
Kazakhstan’s prime minister Karim Massimov has told his government that he is ready to use funds from the country’s national reserves and bring in an experienced foreign partner to jump start the search for shale-gas resources
Crude prices rise on unrest in Iraq and Kazakhstan
22 December 2011
Rising tensions risk supply disruption
KazMunaiGas EP’s $5 billion spending splash
26 October 2011
Kazakhstan’s KazMunaiGaz Exploration Production (KMG EP) is sitting on a large cash pile and looking for ways to spend it
Caspian export potential: Strong prospects and challenges
14 December 2010
Caspian oil and gas output will both almost double over the next 15-20 years, says the IEA. But growth will depend on overcoming upstream and midstream challenges
Investor uncertainty in Kazakhstan
28 October 2010
Despite efforts to portray a stable upstream investment environment, oil firms, both foreign and local, are demanding clarity in Kazakhstan's fiscal regime
China shale gas could be disruptive for Central Asia
14 October 2010
Large-scale deposits of unconventional gas in China could affect the development of traditional oil and gas projects in Central Asia, speakers at the KazEnergy Eurasian Forum in Astana said last week
Kazakhstan: Karachaganak group will sell stake to state
1 September 2010
SHAREHOLDERS in Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO), the last foreign-only consortium running a large project in Kazakhstan, will cede 10% of the project to the state
Karachaganak group will sell stake to state
19 August 2010
Shareholders in Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO), the last foreign-only consortium running a large project in Kazakhstan, will cede 10% of the project to the state.
Kazakhstan moves to tax PSAs
29 July 2010
The plans will charge $20 a tonne on crude exports
Eni bets on risky plays for growth
29 July 2010
Eni is banking on production growth in countries such as Iraq, Venezuela and Kazakhstan where it is suffering both political and technical problems. A 2.5% annual output increase to 2013 looks optimistic, writes NJ Watson
Deals boost KMG EP's Kazakhstani output, as it looks overseas and offshore
1 July 2010
Acquisitions are boosting KazMunaiGaz Exploration Production's onshore output, but the company won't stop there: offshore and overseas assets are next, says CEO Kenzhebek Ibrashev. Miles Lang reports
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