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Greece's eyes on the prize
5 December 2017
Greece's drive to attract investment to the hydrocarbons sector is gathering momentum
Greece's time for another look
19 July 2017
The country's offshore has been ignored for years, but discoveries in surrounding regions have piqued interest
Sowing the seeds of demand destruction
14 February 2012
With Brent trading at an 18-month high, the oil market’s bulls appear to have good reasons to celebrate. But the long-term outlook is far more troubling. A steep correction is on the cards
Brent price swings with eurozone crisis
3 November 2011
Benchmark’s prices bounced between $112/b and $106/b over five trading sessions
Oil prices boosted by Greek bailout deal
27 October 2011
Brent crude received $1 a barrel boost from a deal struck by Europe’s financial leaders to write off half of Greece’s debt and to boost the EU’s bailout fund.
Brent rebounds on Greek-debt optimism
15 September 2011
Rise of $3 a barrel after opening at around $112/b
EGL targets Greek and Turkish LNG markets
30 August 2011
Greek and Turkish gas consumption is growing and will need liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports to satisfy demand, Markus Brokhof, the head of gas supply at European energy trader EGL, told Petroleum Economist
Weak US economic data hammers crude, while gas remains flat and weak
23 June 2011
There are fresh concerns about the US economy as crude prices drop quickly