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Electric vehicles—if you build it...
26 June 2017
While EV charging stations are expanding rapidly in Europe, the US uptake is slower
Natural gas still not getting through in Europe
17 May 2017
Coal still beats natural gas in many European markets, notably Germany. This makes no sense, says Wintershall chief executive Mario Mehren
Oil on troubled waters in Europe
6 March 2017
Demand has perked up. But politics will weigh on consumers in 2017
Nuclear power in the EU has fallen out of fashion
25 May 2016
Nuclear is more prone to popularity peaks and troughs than many other energy sources, and it’s not looking good at the moment
Has Europe cracked its energy-security problem?
25 May 2016
The panic of previous years has abated, but the EU can still do more to help itself
VW scandals contribute to changing perception of diesel
7 December 2015
Faulty tests and emissions scandals could prove yet another headache for Europe’s refiners
Non-Opec growth to outpace improving demand
10 December 2014
The International Energy Agency says the trend is likely to continue into the new year
Shale gas firms take the long view
15 September 2014
North America is still the world’s only significant producer. But explorers are stepping up activity elsewhere and a global business is emerging
Divided on shale
8 September 2014
Poor data, bans on fracking and regulatory confusion are hurting prospects for European unconventional gas
European unconventional gas prospects hurt
21 August 2014
Poor data, bans on fracking and regulatory confusion are hurting prospects for European unconventional gas
Germany proposes partial fracking ban for seven years
9 July 2014
The environment minister cited the protection of drinking water and health as a high priority
Germany's fracking moratorium could damage energy industry
26 March 2014
The chairman of company Wintershall spoke at a conference to warn of the actions
Germany needs shale gas to boost economy
3 March 2014
A new study calls for a rethink of energy policy, with the country's unconventional resource base taking centre stage
Europe’s rocky path to shale
9 January 2014
Despite their struggling economies, some European governments are hesitant to allow fracking
Merkel election win signals an energy policy rethink
21 October 2013
Germany's renewable energy policy has pushed up consumer bills, but carbon emissions have also increased over recent years
Europe's shale caution may see it waste its potential
7 March 2013
The EU must speed up development of shale-gas or it risks wasting a valuable resource
ExxonMobil voices caution on European shale
22 February 2012
ExxonMobil has sounded a note of caution on the scale of Europe’s shale-gas potential and the pace of development, but said some production is possible within five years
Crude prices firm on US stock draw and Iran worries
24 November 2011
This week's oil-market report
Oil rebounds on German EU bailout vote
29 September 2011
Crude prices jump after Germany approves expanded powers for the EU's primary bailout fund
Germany's nuclear plants to shut down by 2022
31 May 2011
Other power-hungry countries unlikely to follow German reactor decision
Nuclear power's down but not out after Fukushima
31 March 2011
Fission may suddenly be out of fashion. But the world cannot afford to scrap plans for advanced, new-generation reactors
Gas gains on German vote
29 March 2011
Anti-nuclear sentiment powers Greens to Baden-Wüttemberg win; UK plans carbon-price floor
Germany licenses first CBM acreage
18 November 2010
Relying on Russia for more than 40% of its natural gas, it should be no surprise Germany is eyeing its own unconventional reserves as means to diversify supply
European shale gas faces environmental battle
21 October 2010
Environmental concerns over shale-gas development could stop development in Europe, says the European Commission
BNK Petroleum: European shale-gas 'will happen'
14 October 2010
BNK PETROLEUM aims to begin producing shale gas in Europe early next year
Germany plays environmental politics with Polskie LNG
30 September 2010
German opposition to an €80m ($102m) EU subsidy for the planned Polskie LNG import terminal could delay the project for three years, leaving Poland reliant on Russian gas until 2017
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