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France's Macronenergy
4 September 2017
France's new president has plans to transform his country's energy market. They are on a breathtaking scale
Europe's black and green stuff
4 September 2017
Europe's energy supply mix is changing again. It won’t be good news for the climate targets
Nuclear power in the EU has fallen out of fashion
25 May 2016
Nuclear is more prone to popularity peaks and troughs than many other energy sources, and it’s not looking good at the moment
UK to partner with France and China to build nuclear plants
23 October 2015
Some aspects of European energy markets continue to surprise, even after a decade or so of intended competition across the continent
Governments gearing up for climate change talks in Paris
1 July 2015
June was a busy month for governments and the energy industry the world over. The run-up has now started to the year-end climate-change conference in Paris
CEOs criticise European laws on hydraulic fracking
30 June 2015
The controversial technology was slammed in Paris at the World Gas Conference
Total's restructure in France will close La Mède refinery
21 April 2015
The company's plan for refining in France will also see investments in biofuels and desulphurisation
Tough Paris climate change agreement still possible after Lima talks
6 January 2015
Negotiations are on track after the climate change summit in Peru
Obituary: Christophe de Margerie, CEO of Total
22 October 2014
The death of Christophe de Margerie in a plane crash not only robs Total of its charismatic chairman and chief executive, it denies the energy industry one of its most passionate advocates. We are far poorer for his loss.
Shale gas firms take the long view
15 September 2014
North America is still the world’s only significant producer. But explorers are stepping up activity elsewhere and a global business is emerging
Divided on shale
8 September 2014
Poor data, bans on fracking and regulatory confusion are hurting prospects for European unconventional gas
European unconventional gas prospects hurt
21 August 2014
Poor data, bans on fracking and regulatory confusion are hurting prospects for European unconventional gas
Politics thwarting Europe's unconventional oil
24 January 2014
The continent has indigenous reserves to exploit. But it also has a lot of opposition to overcome
Europe’s rocky path to shale
9 January 2014
Despite their struggling economies, some European governments are hesitant to allow fracking
British MP dances on France’s shale grave
17 July 2013
Britain hoping to attract shale investment as other governments in Europe resist development, Justin Jacobs writes
Europe's shale caution may see it waste its potential
7 March 2013
The EU must speed up development of shale-gas or it risks wasting a valuable resource
Cooperation needed for any European stock release
31 October 2012
Stock release efforts designed to ease the oil price would need the cooperation of Europe’s International Energy Agency (IEA) members
Bulgaria joins France in fracking ban
2 February 2012
Parliament has banned hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in Bulgaria, making it the second European country, after France, to impose a moratorium on the technique
Total contests revoked French shale-gas licence
1 December 2011
Firm prevented from exploring Montélimar region
France revokes all shale permits
4 October 2011
Companies using hydraulic fracturing (fracking) banned
France bans fracking
1 July 2011
Senate voted 176 to 151 to approve a law banning practice
French shale ban threat met with Gallic shrug
2 June 2011
Operators play down fears as Senate vote looms
France votes to ban fracing
12 May 2011
Ban not good enough say environmentalists
French PM demands shale permits ‘must be scrapped’
14 April 2011
“We need to start from zero,” says Francois Fillon
France extends shale drilling ban
4 April 2011
Ban in place until review of fracing is complete
France worries about shale drilling
10 February 2011
Environmental impact assessment demanded by minister
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