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US tight oil production moves up a gear
23 April 2018
The Permian is leading America's surging crude production, but there are warning signs in the data
Horizontal drilling comes to the UK, but fracking must wait
6 April 2018
Pioneering driller Cuadrilla is optimistic over shale gas well prospects
Fracks and facts
3 April 2018
Daniel Raimi's book sifts through the bluster and rhetoric. The result will please and annoy both sides
UK awards first fracking license in five years
2 June 2016
Independent firm Third Energy has been awarded the first UK license for hydraulic fracturing since 2011. It’s a boost for the nascent industry but don’t expect an imminent shale gas revolution
New York hydraulic fracking ban 'a flesh wound'
12 January 2015
Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned the activity in the state, but it's likely the consequences will be minimal
Germany proposes partial fracking ban for seven years
9 July 2014
The environment minister cited the protection of drinking water and health as a high priority
Firms find solutions to fracking technique problems
5 December 2013
Fracking companies are trying to solve the sector’s liquid problem
Transparency may help win approval of shale protestors
5 December 2013
Hard-core opposition to fracking isn’t going away. But transparency and engagement can win approval for shale gas from the broader public
Australian state Victoria maintains ban on fracking
27 November 2013
The eastern Australian state of Victoria will maintain a ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) at least until 2015
The Frackers tells of high risk and high reward in the US
20 November 2013
A new book tells the definitive inside story of the US shale boom. Review by Derek Brower
Cuadrilla halts drilling plans at contested site Balcombe
4 September 2013
The company withdrew extension applications, which Greenpeace view as a victory for anti-fracking
UK protests are about fears over the future
29 August 2013
Concerns over the future of renewable energy and unconventionals fuel protests
Anti-fracking protest outside Cuadrilla Resources PR firm
19 August 2013
A small group of anti-fracking protesters glued themselves to the front door of the London building which houses the offices of Cuadrilla Resources’ PR firm Bell Pottinger
UK gives fracking the green light but controls will be introduced
13 December 2012
The UK will allow hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to resume, but it will introduce more stringent environmental controls for the process, the government has said
Water disposal biggest risk to Marcellus fracking
16 August 2012
The greatest threat to water supplies from hydraulic fracturing appears not to come from fracking
Study recommends fracking safeguards
24 April 2012
Regulators could almost eliminate the risk of shale gas exploration contaminating groundwater resources by barring companies from hydraulically fracturing (fracking) within 600 metres of aquifers, a new study from Durham University has said
Total contests revoked French shale-gas licence
1 December 2011
Firm prevented from exploring Montélimar region
EU risks squandering its shale-gas riches
17 November 2011
For a continent on the verge of financial collapse, spending billions on gas imports is crazy when supply security sits in shales beneath its feet
Efficiency gains key to dispel fracking fears
10 November 2011
Industry aims to increase production while easing environmental concerns
Kulczyk upbeat on Ukraine fracking
8 November 2011
Ologovskoye-6 (O-6) well yields 2.3 million cubic feet a day
PetroFrontier first for Australian shale-oil
3 November 2011
First horizontal, fracture-stimulated unconventional oil well spudded
No threat from fracking tremors
2 November 2011
Report commissioned by UK firm Cuadrilla
France revokes all shale permits
4 October 2011
Companies using hydraulic fracturing (fracking) banned
Public opinion crucial to New York fracking laws
29 September 2011
New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has issued its draft regulations for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and set four public hearings to allow residents in the state to respond.
Capp outlines new fracking guidelines
14 September 2011
Voluntary disclosure of fracking fluid recipes among recommendations
US fracking rules advance
12 August 2011
Department of Energy (DOE) releases a 90-day draft of the natural gas sub-committee report
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