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Use it or lose it, Equatorial Guinea tells drillers
3 October 2018
The West African state wants to see more activity from oil firms now the oil price has recovered, and is launching a new bid round
Equatorial Guinea rebuilding bridges
17 August 2017
Relations between Malabo and international oil companies seem to be warming up again
Help not hinder Africa
12 July 2017
Oil in Africa has a bad press—but it needn't be that way, argues a new book
Capacity up, supply down in Angola
30 January 2017
Angola says it has already begun to reduce supply but how and where is unclear
Choppy waters ahead for Equatorial Guinea as production declines
9 December 2015
Minister of mines, industry and energy, Gabriel Obiang Lima, is taking a hard line with investors amid low oil prices and falling output
Equatorial Guinea floating LNG set for 2019
26 November 2014
The floating LNG scheme could aid the development of remote gasfields around the continent
Ophir targets 2019 start-up for Equatorial Guinea's FLNG
18 September 2014
Another substantial gas discovery was made in September, which has raised the planned capacity of the unit
Uneasiness in Equatorial Guinea over government spending
3 May 2013
Production is rising again, promising oil and gas discoveries are being made and new licences have been awarded - but many are uneasy about the way the government spends its revenue
Equatorial Guinea discoveries advance LNG expansion
4 January 2013
Not long ago Equatorial Guinea’s authorities had plans to import gas to feed the country’s envisaged second LNG train – but this summer’s drilling off Bioko has proved-up substantial new reserves in territorial waters
Equatorial Guinea: developing high-margin LNG
30 April 2005
The country's rapid emergence as a 400,000 b/d oil exporter will be crowned when it becomes the African continent's fourth substantial LNG exporter, in just over two years. But the country's offshore attractions are still tainted by alleged government corruption and mismanagement of oil wealth, Martin Quinlan writes