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Greening China's power sector
9 May 2017
The country has shut down domestic output but a shift to cleaner fuels will be a slow one. And its coal import needs are showing no signs of abating
Reaching net-zero carbon
13 March 2017
Are renewables up to the task set by the Paris Agreement?
The China coal-to-gas effect
15 November 2016
The country's policy to cut coal production capacity has sent prices around the globe soaring. It’s good news for Europe's decarbonising efforts
UK to close coal power stations by 2025 says energy minister
18 November 2015
The UK Conservative government is to consult on phasing out coal completely by 2025 – but only if new gas capacity is advancing fast enough
Gas overtakes coal in the US power sector
22 July 2015
EIA has released figures showing a major victory for natural gas producers
GLNG pipeline sale mooted
16 December 2014
Santos could be looking to selloff its Gladstone liquefied natural gas (GLNG) pipeline as the company comes under increasing financial pressure
Cluff eyes UK's first deep offshore UCG project
12 November 2014
The company has revealed plans for an offshore underground coal gasification project with 335m tonnes of coal in the licence area
Demand favours low cost transportation from Marcellus
21 August 2014
Low natural gas prices mean the most viable plays remain those close to market
China puts brakes on some coal-to-gas projects
23 July 2014
Dozens of new coal-to-gas projects have been proposed across the country, but the government wants to prevent inefficiencies and overcapacity
Coal-bed methane: Australia’s most important unconventional gas
8 July 2014
The potential of Australia’s coal-bed methane reserves will soon be realised and it could be home to one of the most prospective shale plays outside North America
Queensland to start operating CBM-to-LNG facilities
8 July 2014
The state is taking advantage of its vast coal resources to carve out a new niche
LNG could overtake coal as Asia's fuel of choice
17 June 2014
Without a price on carbon, gas is generally seen as an expensive alternative to cheap coal. But the increasingly fungible nature of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and potential market innovations could see gas overtake coal as Asia’s fuel of choice
Global gas demand slowed amid rising coal and renewable use
12 June 2014
The IEA has said the demand grew just 1.2% in 2013
The end of the road for UK Coal as government aids closure
14 April 2014
UK Coal will close Kellingley Colliery in Yorkshire Thoresby Colliery in Nottinghamshire
KazTransGas to tap Kazakhstan CBM
5 March 2014
Kazakhstan’s state-run gas pipeline monopoly KazTransGas has reached a deal with local government to explore the country’s coal-bed methane (CBM) reserves
Coal seen as fuel to drive emerging economies
5 December 2013
Fossil fuels are seen as the solution to developing nation’s energy woes
EU must reform Emissions Trading Scheme to boost gas industry
13 November 2013
The European Union (EU) must reform the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to boost natural gas demand and push coal out of the continent's energy mix, industry leaders say
Indonesian CBM potential overlooked by investors
6 November 2013
Indonesia's coal-bed methane (CBM) potential has been largely overlooked by investors, leading one prominent unconventional gas consultancy to describe it as a "stealth sleeper play"
Global coal demand to overtake oil by 2018
15 October 2013
Cost is the main driver behind steep increase, consultancy says
UK fossil fuel output tumbles by over 9%
26 September 2013
The UK's total energy production fell by more than 9% in the second quarter of 2013, according to government data
Global gas demand rises but coal is still king
25 June 2013
An International Energy Agency report says that rising consumption and low prices will drive this boost
Birol fires stark gas warning amid coal's competitiveness
30 May 2013
IEA chief economist claims rising coal use presents 'very real threat' to fuel's golden age
The Iron Lady and the UK coal sector
9 April 2013
The Thatcher government’s confrontation with the UK's coal miners was the most bitter industrial dispute the country had ever seen. It changed the UK’s industrial landscape irrevocably, and its effects are still being felt today. But not, perhaps, in a way you would expect
Study sees shale gas as 'first step' in climate change battle
8 November 2012
Shale gas has a necessary role to play as a transition fuel in cutting carbon emissions
China to invest billions in coal-to-gas projects
11 October 2012
China plans to invest $14 billion in four pilot coal-to-gas (CTG) projects in the country as it continues to look for ways to reduce its reliance on imported fuels
Santos denies spying claims
1 October 2012
Executives from Australian coal-bed methane (CBM) player Santos have been accused of trailing a politician from New South Wales (NSW) opposed to its projects across the US