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Uganda's oil dreams move closer to realisation
29 May 2018
Production, pipeline and refinery projects are moving forward
Iraq pushes for fresh oil expansion
4 May 2018
Despite hurdles, energy sector ambitions abound
Guyana gives and gives
5 March 2018
A sixth discovery off the country's coast points to further oil riches at ExxonMobil's Stabroek Block
Chasing Chinese gas dreams
26 February 2018
Both the country's unconventional production and reserves are set to soar
Senegal—the start of a beautiful friendship
21 February 2018
A victory for Macky Sall in the presidential elections in 2019 would cement the future of his country's hydrocarbons industry and bring more exploration
Guyana—at the frontier
19 January 2018
ExxonMobil and its partner are racing ahead with their major Liza discovery in Guyana, at Latin America's exploration frontier. Others are struggling to replicate the success
Brazil's pre-salt promise
2 November 2017
Brazil's offshore is making big strides on costs—crucial in the post-shale landscape
Downstream to the rescue for China
5 October 2017
China's NOCs have had a few difficult years. But restructuring and a modest oil-price recovery are helping
Asia past its peak
25 February 2016
China’s output will fall this year, the biggest loser as Asia’s oil production drifts lower
China's NOCs start to feel the pinch
28 May 2015
The country’s oil giants aren’t in the rosiest financial health, but remain ready to scoop up assets elsewhere
China still playing catch up with technology in the offshore
6 May 2014
Cnooc needs to master the technology before it becomes a major player in the South China Sea's deep waters
Cnooc ambitious growth strategy comes under fire
28 October 2013
The Chinese company needs to expand internationally if it is to hit 2015 output targets
The rise and rise of Chinese oil companies
23 August 2013
Chinese NOCs are getting more sophisticated both at home and overseas
National oil companies on top of the world
23 August 2013
Their domination of global reserves has put NOCs in control of the oil industry. But they must do more to keep their advantage
Funding the oil sands
20 June 2013
Foreign investors, led by China and India, will underpin more development in Alberta
China sweetens shale-gas regime in bid to boost investment
7 November 2012
China is to introduce financial incentives for shale-gas developers in a bid to encourage investment in the nation’s unconventional sector
CNOOC takes bigger slice of Australian QCLNG project
1 November 2012
The company will raise its interest in the first liquefaction train from 10% to 50%
Canada should think twice about CNOOC's bid for Nexen
16 October 2012
Alberta wants to sell oil to China. Ottawa needs to reconsider the takeover, argues Shaun Polczer, Petroleum Economist's North America editor, claiming that an inflated bid for lacklustre assets is not a sound basis for a good relationship
CNOOC seeks fortune in the west with Nexen takeover
25 September 2012
China’s bid to buy Canadian producer Nexen has met with a cautious reponse
CEO John Manzoni's move makes Talisman sale unlikely
13 September 2012
The chief executive's resignation makes the sale less likely for Talisman
Canadian leaders spar over Northern Gateway
26 July 2012
It is unusual for one of Canada’s provincial governments to demand money from another in exchange for approval of a pipeline
CNOOC goes global with Canada buy
25 July 2012
China National Offshore Oil Corporation seeks to expand influence with Nexen takeover
CNOOC seeks to expand influence with Nexen takeover
25 July 2012
China National Offshore Oil Corporation aims to expand its global influence with the $15.1 billion takeover
North Sea deal gives CNOOC a supporting role in global oil trade
25 July 2012
Chinese pair stake claim on almost 10% of UK production
China readies second shale licensing round
24 April 2012
China will offer at least 20 shale-gas blocks as part of its much anticipated second licensing round, which is now expected to take place by this August. But lofty production targets seem short-sighted
CNOOC hits China’s shale gas
12 January 2012
China’s largest offshore producer, CNOOC Ltd, has moved onshore and unconventional, spudding its first shale-gas well
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