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The other damaging glut
2 October 2017
Emissions-trading systems have suffered from an oversupply of permits. Regulators are trying to fix that and show the mechanisms can still work
Energy leaders embrace new frontiers
18 April 2017
Energy leaders are adapting to a rapid change of pace and identifying new priorities
Prudence in a changing climate
13 March 2017
Big oil is starting to invest in renewable energy before it is too late
Dirty fuels a health crisis time bomb
26 September 2016
Air pollution from burning fossil fuels is killing too many people. Asia and sub-Saharan Africa will suffer the most
Asia will be the tipping point for energy transition to low carbon
26 November 2014
Asia’s dynamism gives it every incentive to take a pioneering role in the transition to a low-carbon energy system
New technology could cut the cost of carbon capture and storage
27 June 2014
Cooperation and collaboration are key to deploying the next generation of carbon capture technology
Carbon capture and storage technology moving forward
20 March 2014
The ‘unproven’ technology may finally prove its worth as projects around the world are getting the green light
Policy certainty crucial to growth of CCUS technologies
15 October 2013
Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) technologies will become increasingly important as fossil fuels are expected to meet the bulk of global energy demand for decades to come, but major players in the sector need policy and regulatory certainty
Norway putting CCS to the test despite costs and delays
15 July 2013
Norway is set to be the proving ground for large-scale carbon capture and sequestration. Despite delays and spiralling costs, the country's hope to be the first to develop a commercial, industrial-scale facility may become reality. Justin Jacobs reports from the Mongstad test facility
Pioneer’s collapse hits Canada’s CCS hopes
3 May 2012
Canada’s hopes for large-scale carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) are in tatters following the collapse of a taxpayer-backed multi-billion dollar project
Saskatchewan launches carbon-capture project
27 April 2011
C$1.24bn ($1.3bn) allocated for Boundary Creek power station
Alberta presses ahead with CCS plans
4 April 2011
New panel to oversee C$2bn programme
Controversial Redwater upgrader advances
31 March 2011
Alberta needs the Redwater upgrader project to succeed to prove its case that CCS technology can clean up the oil-sands
Cancun's climate change talks boost carbon capture and storage
27 January 2011
CCS could be included in the UN CDM, in a move that would provide much needed financing for this nascent, some say vital, technology in the fight against climate change, writes Ian Lewis
CCS: alarm bells ring at Weyburn
13 January 2011
Focus on leak from world’s largest carbon-capture plant; allegations could undermine Alberta plans for CCS
Alberta’s carbon-capture plans gather steam
6 January 2011
Two companies are “very close” to winning some of the government’s C$2bn ($2bn) fund
Abu Dhabi takes on the CCS challenge
14 December 2010
Plans for combined CO2 capture and enhanced oil recovery could help relieve the UAE's gas-supply shortfall. But making CCS profitable could take a while
EU eyes increased CO2 reductions
28 October 2010
The EU is upping the ante before climate talks in Cancun with plans to hike emissions-reduction targets
CCS: Just do it
28 October 2010
Carbon capture and storage is making progress, but governments will need to accelerate its deployment significantly
US: So much for the future of FutureGen
1 September 2010
THE government has pulled the plug on development of a high-tech, experimental power plant that promised to be the answer to the US' quest for clean-burning, affordable, coal-based electricity
IEA: Make carbon-capture part of the UN's Clean Development Mechanism
29 July 2010
CARBON capture and storage (CCS) must urgently be included in the UN' Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), says Nobuo Tanaka, executive director of the IEA
Shale gas no magic bullet for US energy supply, says IHS Cera
6 April 2010
Shale gas is transforming the North American energy market, but the US may not be able to take advantage of all its resources, says IHS Cera
The emerald isle grows greener
1 June 2009
The UK government has put clean coal and other environmental initiatives on the country's agenda, reports Derek Brower
The emerald isle grows greener
26 May 2009
The UK government has put clean coal and other environmental initiatives on the country's agenda, reports Derek Brower
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