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3 August 2018
Europe’s desire for cheap, stable energy clashes with the political need to maintain cordial US relations and support Ukraine
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29 September 2017
The direction of the country's energy transition policy remains unclear following the general election
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10 July 2014
Recent tensions between Russia and Ukraine have prompted a number of European countries to pledge to cut their reliance on Russian gas supplies by developing domestic resources
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21 October 2013
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29 March 2011
Anti-nuclear sentiment powers Greens to Baden-Wüttemberg win; UK plans carbon-price floor
The EU's climate-change gambit
1 December 2009
The EU has proposed that rich countries put money towards a fund that will give developing countries €50bn a year by 2020 to help fight climate change. But is it enough?
The EU's vague Copenhagen gambit
3 November 2009
Has the EU rescued the Copenhagen climate-change summit from disaster?