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Algerian change—again
8 August 2017
A lack of leadership continuity in Algeria's energy sector is a product of the FLN's struggle to retain political power
More work to do for Algeria
4 August 2017
A new energy minister and a new Sonatrach investment plan are still not enough to make Algeria attractive to IOCs
Arab oil states: the devil's in Opec's data
20 June 2017
The group's latest figures show Gulf oil states' earnings have plummeted, while the region's population keeps rising
The Mideast's gas paradox
3 April 2017
It is home to the world's biggest exporter—and also some of its fastest-growing consumers. Yet intra-regional trade remains thin
Expect the unexpected from Sudan and South Sudan
30 January 2017
Stability in South Sudan could raise production much higher than was agreed with Opec
Newer face, older problems
14 September 2016
A new energy minister will try to end the stagnation in Algeria's upstream
Waning Algeria
8 July 2016
Hit hard by the oil-price collapse, Algeria’s energy sector and economy are struggling with political inertia, giving investors little to cheer
Algeria’s deepening energy problems
13 April 2016
Insecurity, economic malaise and uncertainty about the presidential succession are hindering the country’s oil and gas sector
Saudi Arabia gambles as Opec makes no cuts
29 November 2014
The kingdom’s shift in strategy is as risky as it was abrupt
North Africa buffeted by fragile politics and markets
23 October 2014
Libya's oil output is recovering. But both it and neighbour Algeria are struggling to market their barrels
North and South Africa hold shale gas potential
21 August 2014
The continent has lots of shale gas, but development will happen more quickly in the south than the north
North Africa packs Silurian heat
28 January 2014
The region has plenty of unconventional oil to exploit. Politics is the only real obstacle
North Africa Silurian hot shale has potential
24 January 2014
The region has plenty of unconventional oil to exploit. Politics is the only real obstacle
Mena slowly comes around to shale
9 January 2014
The region is rich in unconventional gas, but it will not be developed quickly
Algeria and Saudi Arabia lead the Mena shale race
5 December 2013
The region is rich in unconventional gas, but it will not be developed quickly
Troubled times for Algeria's Sonatrach oil firm
23 August 2013
Poor fiscal terms, scandals and political insecurity are undermining Algeria's upstream and the hopes of its state oil firm
Global shale gas estimates soar
14 June 2013
The US Energy Information Administration has increased its estimates for global shale gas resources by 10%, writes Helen Robertson
Terror attack casts long shadow over Algeria’s troubled upstream
24 January 2013
BP fears the worst as the outcomes of the terror attack on Tigantourine wet-gas complex remain unknown
The Tigantourine crisis is over, but new ones await Algeria
24 January 2013
The murder of oil workers in Algeria was a shocking, barbarous act. The dead men at the Tigantourine wet-gas complex, near In Amenas, were not politicians or soldiers. They were innocent oilmen doing their job. That they are now targets of terrorists in the Sahel opens a disturbing new chapter for the oil industry in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena), with serious ramifications for the region's governments and investors alike.
In Amenas attack and economic data boost crude prices
24 January 2013
Geopolitical concerns and seasonal demand bolstered crude oil prices in January
North-south divide hinders Africa’s shale-gas potential
7 April 2011
Sub-Sahara lags behind northern neighbours
Algeria LNG supply secure despite strike
30 March 2011
Action at water plant shuts Skikda; Arzew ramps up to pick up slack
LNG holds steady as Japan stocks up
30 March 2011
Japanese demand 'met til May'; Tepco weighs spot deal based on UK gas prices; Supply worries on Algeria and Yemen plant outages
Algeria touts massive unconventional gas resource
10 March 2011
Energy minister cites “25,000 trillion cf” of reserves; new licensing regime needed to realise potential
Algeria: New Sonatrach chief faces old problems
2 June 2010
AFTER four rudderless months, Sonatrach has a new managing director – and with it, the prospect of faster progress on centrepiece energy projects that have been subject to a series of delays
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