Petroleum Economist New crisis and old Subdued oil prices and intractable wars cast a shadow over the year Watershed year in Asia Nuclear sabre-rattling shook Asia's security foundations, but 2017 heralded breakthroughs for EVs and LNG Trump's America A new president brought change on the regulatory front while tight oil rose again Oil through the worse? Opec cut, shale grew, stocks fell, demand soared, prices rose and balance—the oil market's magic word—drew near North Sea oil's rock hoppers Shell is happy to give the Penguins project a helping hand Peak demand and oil's long-term trap Fixating on the timing of a peak in oil demand is misplaced. Rather, the peak's significance is in shifting the paradigm, from perceived scarcity to perceived abundance. And it poses a problem for low-cost producers Latest licensing rounds The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licenses Guyana—at the frontier ExxonMobil and its partner are racing ahead with their major Liza discovery in Guyana, at Latin America's exploration frontier. Others are struggling to replicate the success Saudi Aramco mixes it up While keeping oil at the core of its operations, Saudi Aramco is looking to a greener future and preparing to import gas for the first time Long to-do list in Nigeria NNPC has expansion plans for its lucrative upstream, and hopes to stem losses in the downstream, as the company awaits major restructuring Majors come calling for Brazil's pre-salt Shell and Petrobras were the big winners in Brazil's latest upstream bid round, along with backers of Brazil's oil reforms Kenya's oil: trucking along With the country's contentious elections out of the way, Tullow hopes that development of its oil reserves will now progress Gaza gas stranded at sea Palestinians' hopes that a gas discovery made offshore 18 years ago can be developed are unlikely to be realised soon Venezuela going for broke The Maduro government wants a new deal on its debt. Things are going to get messy Big oil buying into green 2018 looks set to be another big year in renewables deal-making for the oil majors Kuwait goes for gas Despite the perennial shadow of political turbulence, upstream gas and LNG import projects are progressing Energy Web Atlas Releases New Features for Real-Time LNG Intelligence Service Energy Web Atlas leads the market with expanded LNG and pipeline data and improved import and annotation functions NAPEC Conference 2018 25-28 March, Oran Algeria Côte d’Ivoire's exploration drive rebootedôte-d-ivoires-exploration-drive-rebooted Can an overhaul of concessions lure companies to the country's frontier acreage? Where did it all go right for Senegal? Major oil and gas discoveries make the country set to move from speculative play to producer