Petroleum Economist South America - the after-party continent Oil's price bust forced yet more change in Latin America's energy sector. Venezuela was worst hit Hungover down under Australia came good as an LNG powerhouse in 2016, but started to feel the effects of the boom's aftermath Bargain basement A global supply surfeit made 2016 a bad year to sell LNG but a good one to buy it Some pain, some gain for Africa Crude prices hurt exporters and LNG plans idled. Violence flared in the Niger Delta. East African oil and Senegal were bright spots The slippery slope Europe's upstream struggled in 2016, leaving the continent more dependent on imports Resilient Russia In 2016, the country defied the doubters. Oil production kept rising and new energy-export plans made progress Tumult/Reform in the Middle East Weak oil prices hung over the region in 2016, a year of more war but also some efforts at renewal Weaker China, stronger India It was a mixed year in Asia's energy sector, where the oil market's gaze shifted away from its stalwart to a new rising economy Stress tested North America's oil and gas sector suffered in 2016, but survived its trial of strength Opec tells the market: we’re back Saudi Arabia has accepted Iran’s terms for a deal. Now Russia has to keep its pledge to cut too Latest licensing rounds The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licenses Back in business, probably Opec will try to restore some control over oil markets in 2017. Quite how remains uncertain After the car wash A modest oil-price rise, and pro-investor reforms, should spark a recovery for Brazilian energy and Petrobras in 2017 Limited options for Venezuela Venezuela's oil output is falling and fundamental change is needed to rescue it in 2017 Desperate Venezuela Oil output is falling and the state company is struggling to pull itself out of a dangerous tailspin Time for the revival After a rough couple of years, new pockets of demand and new methods of consumption will lift prospects for gas exporters Too much LNG... for now The global glut will persist in 2017, but recovery is only a few years away Post-traumatic efficiencies in order In 2017, the EandP sector needs to sharpen its focus. A price recovery, when it comes, will only reward low-cost explorers Iran - the great return: part two Iran's energy sector is making progress, but political threats are lingering After Mosul Competing claims for northern Iraq will leave the post-IS settlement rife with new geopolitical risks