Petroleum Economist Latest licensing rounds With projects stopping and starting, it's important to keep abreast of what's coming up in the upstream Iran’s oil output could hit 4.5m b/d if investment flows Production could rise by 0.9m b/d by 2025 but it needs help from international oil companies (IOCs) Time for action from Opec Saudi Arabia’s oil minister says Opec will take “any possible action” to stabilise the market. The group should cut, now Angola tries to ride out the slump The economy has stalled and oil-output growth targets will not be met. Now the president has put his daughter in charge of the state company US carbon emissions from gas to surpass coal Despite gas being a cleaner-burning fuel higher demand has boosted pollutants Is Opec just talking up the market again? A deal is likelier now than it was before, but hurdles remain China’s oil product exports soar in H1 2016 The country’s crude demand may be slowing but sales are ramping up Energy transitions and power sector unbundling 2.0 Decommoditising the electricity sector may be the next step in the transition to a lower carbon future US crude by rail shipments tumble as oil-price spread narrows Prices, pipelines and declining production will push volumes even lower How can energy support the growth of urbanisation? A transformative approach is needed, argues a forthcoming Arup report for the World Energy Council Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW 2016) 24-28 October 2016, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore NOC’s Sanallah: ports deal with ‘criminal’ Jadhran threatens Libyan oil recovery The UN’s agreement to pay off militia controlling oil terminals will ‘contaminate’ its reputation in the country and sets a dangerous precedent, says NOC chief NOC pleads for money from Tripoli Unity government’s refusal to transfer funds pledged to state firm is stalling oil-output recovery, says NOC chief Sanallah: Keep NOC out of the war Oil is now driving the conflict in Libya, says the state company’s boss, and dragging the firm into it will worsen the situation Championing UK gas Chemicals firm Ineos believes the best way to secure its feedstock is to go out and find it. Gary Haywood, chief executive of its shale division, talks to PE The UK’s shale carrot Will paying people to like fracking change the outlook for UK gas? Sustainable retreat The industrial revolution is over and the sustainability revolution has begun. Sustainable development is out and sustainable retreat is in. This changes the game for everyone. Jason Drew, CEO of AgriProtein, explains US gas goes from glut to crunch After years of bloated stocks and low prices US gas supply is about to get much tighter Libya’s dangerous oil deal The UN-brokered ports deal with Jadhran cannot, on its own, increase the country’s oil output. But it may worsen the conflict Bulging product stocks pressurise refinery margins Profits for processing crude into refined products have fallen far from last year’s highs. Europe in particular is feeling the pressure