Petroleum Economist Now what for the Opec deal? Opec has brought global crude stocks to heel. But its job is far from over Oil: The price is not right The market wants to trade a demand slow-down of the future, while ignoring the fundamentals of the present Latest licensing rounds The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licenses Venezuelan crunch time Venezuela faces steep bond payments before the end of the year. It is looking to Russia to help keep it from default Another heave for Opec Opec must extend its deal or face another sell-off. Then it needs to find an exit strategy Oil demand: Beware the gap Forget a peak – falling production from existing fields should be the market’s immediate focus World Energy Outlook: oil-price pressure While crude demand will grow over the long-term, vast US reserves and lower cost production will keep a lid on prices, says the International Energy Agency Taking a chance in Kurdish Iraq The KRG referendum result and subsequent Iraqi army offensive against the Kurds underline how risky it is for companies involved in the export and sale of Kurdish crude Iraq—the end of the beginning Iraq's army has retaken Kurdish-controlled areas around Kirkuk in the north, while neighbouring states are considering their long-term response to the independence referendum LNG: Churning it out Producers face a further period of low prices as more production comes online Iran to lead Middle East gas expansion With a focus on developing the South Pars field, Iran is set for a major expansion of natural gas production Venezuela's debt crisis deepens It's crunch time in Caracas after the country defaulted on two bond payments and oil output continued its freefall Total shores up LNG market share with Engie asset grab The French supermajor's acquisition gives it access to 10% of the global LNG market, second only to Shell Libya's meddling militias Violence and political disputes are preventing Libya's oil production settling back to pre-conflict levels Iraq's crazy goings on Shell's dissatisfaction with its Iraq operations exposes flaws in the country's contract model for IOCs Can oil's rally last? Physical tightness and geopolitics suggest so. But price threats are lurking Panama puts itself forward The Central American nation wants to make the most of its geographical position to supply the rest of the continent with energy Singapore poised for LNG hub The country is ready to play a leading role in meeting surging liquefied natural gas demand in the region's rapidly expanding market. In emailed responses, Singapore LNG Corporation's (SLNG) chief executive said his company is strategically placed to meet emerging market demand Filling China's tanks Beijing is working hard to put its SPR expansion programme back on track Technology and new business models boost electricity access More people worldwide are getting connected for the first time with renewables and off-grid systems are playing an increasing role, says International Energy report